3M Natural View Screen Protector (iPhone 4) Review

April 2011, Singapore – Here’s a new contender in the mobile device screen protector sector, 3M’s new Natural View Screen Protector. 3M Natural View comes with scratch resistance, low glare, easy clean surface and also “Stay Clean Edge” technology which means no more dust and dirt sticks to the edge of the screen protector.

After applying the 3M Natural View screen protector, I find the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 remains clear and smooth as before. From my experience with screen protectors, example Anti-glare screen protectors, they will cause the display to look pixelated and cause a lost of details in the pictures displayed. So take note of this factor when you choose your next screen protector. Below you will find the comparison of display on an Anti-glare and 3M Natural View screen protectors.


Screen Protector Comparison
Screen Protector Comparison


So what comes in the pack?

For the iPhone 4 screen 3M Natural View screen protector pack, you will find two iPhone 4 front panel screen protector and an applicator. Inside you will also find instructions on how to apply the screen protector to your iPhone 4. I have also attached a “How To” video below, demonstration brought to you by 3M’s product team (you will never go wrong when you learn from the experts).


3M Natural View Screen Protector for iPhone 4 - Package content
3M Natural View Screen Protector for iPhone 4 Package content




I do like 3M Natural View screen protector because it’s easy to apply and the display remains clear and smooth, but the package will not be perfect without the back panel screen protector for iPhone 4 and a cloth to clean the device. 3M Natural View screen protectors for selected smart phone models, like iPhone 4, are retailed at $29.90 (2pc/pack) and iPad 2 screen protector at $59.90 (2pc/pack), it’s available at leading EpiCentre, iStudio and other major IT stores.




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