Review: Jabra REVO Wireless Headphones

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Jabra REVO Wireless headphone

Jabra REVO Wireless headphone


The Jabra REVO Wireless feels Solid – from Materials to Sound – and surely at S$398 is undoubtedly a gratifying investment. In particular, the leathery gray-black with streaks of orangey-red-lining gadget which clasps into one’s ears like a pair of mammary glands in palms – so “weightless” at 240 g and pleasingly comfortable, and of course, the foam-pads do a wonderful job of cutting off most if not all environmental clutters!

Into the package, a super-duper durable in-built battery for Bluetooth (wireless) playing up-to 12 hrs or standby up-to 10 days and rechargeable through USB cable, nevertheless equipped with a detachable cord (also orangey-red however ropey-feel and strikingly chic from afar) should power lack.

Jabra REVO (Wireless)


Additionally, the headset clearly displays such engineering elegance as it is designed to be effortlessly foldable thus releasing no heartbreaking “click-clack” each time when consolidating for storage. As a bonus, a Turntable Touch Control allows you to easily play, skip or pause your music and manage calls all simply by touch-felting the right-side-pad of the headset.

Lastly, the playing of songs through Dolby Digital Plus via the exclusive Jabra-Sound app revolutionises the sounds of music! Undoubtedly, the best of all wireless headphones thus far and freakishly brilliant!

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