Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price

Samsung Galaxy Note8 – BIGGER Display, BETTER S Pen & “BLUR”-LESS Photography

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
Samsung Galaxy Note8

Our favourite stylus smartphone is making a BIG comeback! Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have the biggest display for a Note series smartphone at 6.3″. More features are added to the S Pen. The Note 8 will also feature dual rear camera with optical stabilisation for “blur”-less pictures when shooting in 2x optical zoom mode. The Note 8 will also have IP68 water & dust resistant certification for both the phone and the stylus. So you can pen down your ideas even when swimming in the pool. Singapore will only have 64GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Midnight Black, Maple Gold and Orchid Gray. It will be retailing at S$1,398 from 15 September 2017 with pre-ordering starting from 25 August 2017 at 12pm.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be a premium phone with a premium price tag. This means you better get the phone with a teleco contract to make it a little more affordable. Pre-ordering bundles and details can be found here.


Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in four colours


Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comparing size with S8 and S8+



What’s New In Note 8? Loads Of Stuff!!!


Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
You can expand the memory with SD card slot

Yup… you are not paying more for nothing!!! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with many upgrades and features that I personally find practical and useful.


6.3″ Infinity Display

A 6.3″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display may seem like the smartphone is going to be super huge. That is because it adopts the new & stylish design since S8. It is actually smaller in size, but a bigger for you to see more without scrolling more. And you will appreciate it more when you watch, read, draw or multitask with it.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
Infinity Display



More RAM For Better Performance

For the first time, Samsung has upped the RAM on their smartphone from 4GB to 6GB, That means you will expect the Note 8 to have a smoother performance than any other Samsung smartphone ever launched.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Singapore Price pre order
Looking good in my hands


App Pairing

Just as good wine needs to go with good food, an app that you frequently used needs to be paired with another app to make your workflow on the phone better and faster. So with the Note 8’s multitask feature, you can pair these two apps using the App Pair, so that both apps will be opened at the same time and cascaded on the screen for easy tasking.

So you might wanna pair your Calendar with your Email to ease organising your schedule every time.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price
Accessories for Note 8



S Pen Is Now Finer & Smarter

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Singapore Price pre order
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Maple Gold, Orchid Gray and Midnight Blue

The S Pen now comes in a finer tip so that you can get creative and start sketching and painting on your Note 8 with more precision. Now you can take or edit notes of up to 100 pages on the standby homescreen without the need to turn on the phone. You will never miss a thought again.

Now you can also write a personalised handwritten message that is animated which can be sent via any messageing or emails apps on your phone as it will be saved as a standard GIF files which is compatible across the apps.

Having trouble in converting the currency found on a blog shop or you do not understand the language on a webpage? Now you can just hover your S Pen on the text to to get instant currency conversion and language translation in no time.


Dual Camera With 2x Optical Zoom

The Note 8 is not just keeping up with the trend. Samsung makes it better. The dual rear camera will both have optical image stabilisation, making it less likely to have a shaky or blurred videos or photos when using the tele lens mode than other dual lens smartphones in the market.

The dual camera also comes with the highly popular shallow depth of field (DOF) portrait mode called Live Focus, that gives you the capability of taking DSLR~ish images on your smartphone. You will also be able to adjust the DOF to your liking after taking the picture. When taking photos in this mode, the Note 8 will save the images from both the tele lens and the wide lens for you to choose the best from both camera.


Bixby & DeX Is Here To Stay

Bixby is Samsung’s smart assistant which was introduced in S8. So like the S8, you can swiftly boot up Bixby for help via the Bixby button just below the volume button. Bixby Vision can be very helpful in your everyday life. The ability to snap a picture of a furniture and get suggestions of other furniture with similar designs makes it the ideal assistant for your design adventures. Even with a bottle of wine, you can just snap and be prompted with its grades and food pairing option too. You become an instant wine connoisseur.

Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price
Mirroring from S8 via Dex Station

The Note 8 will also be supporting DeX Station, where you will be able to turn your smartphone in a work desktop mode by docking it into DeX Station, paired with a keyboard, mouse and monitor. So you can just leave your laptop at work and just edit your Microsoft office documents or post process pictures on your smartphone in this mode. You can read more about it here.


Watch Dennis’ review below.


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