UNLIMITED Mobile Data Plan For M1 and “Sort Of” UNLIMITED For StarHub

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Unlimited Mobile Data Plan is here


Remember that very painful day where our 12GB data plans were taken away from us? M1 just announced Singapore’s first unlimited 4G mobile data plan at S$98 a month!!! That’s a steal for those who have been paying hundreds for their monthly bills. StarHub also offers unlimited data plans, but it’s only for weekend usage from 12 am on Saturdays to 11.59 pm on Sundays. But the StarHub Weekend Unlimited data will apply to the lowest tier of the plans which starts at S$24 a month. Here’s the breakdown of the mobile plans below:



M1 mySIM3 Mobile Data Plans

Even though mySIMmobile data plans are SIM-Only data plans which usually are not bounded by contracts, to get the most of these mySIMplans you will need to sign a 12-month contract that does not come with subsidised mobile device. And the UNLIMITED mobile data is only exclusive to the mySIM3 98 when you sign with a 12-month contract with M1.

The M1 mySIM3 mobile plans are pretty straight forward if you have the budget to subscribe to the mySIM3 98. Just choose and pay for what you need without the hassle of calculating your current monthly usage to determine which plan suits you and giving you peace-of-mind. For travellers, the ability to use your unlimited local data for overseas mobile data via Data Passport is also a great deal for you to switch to mySIM3 98.

But I think generally, M1’s mySIM3 50 plan will be more than enough for the majority. And you will be getting 30GB of mobile data when you sign up with a 12-month contract. That’s a lot of data to be used up.

As a special launch promotion, when you sign up for mySIM3 98 from 31 August 2017 to 2 September 2017 will enjoy free unlimited talk-time for 12 months. Sign-ups for the new plans start on 31 August 2017 at any M1 Shop, distributor, or online at www.m1.com.sg.


mySIM3 20 mySIM3 40 mySIM3 50 mySIM3 98
Monthly Subscription S$20 S$40 S$50 S$98
Local Data (No Contract SIM-Only) 2GB 10GB 15GB 25GB
Local Data (12 month contract) 5GB 15GB 30GB UNLIMITED
Talk-time & Messaging 100 mins and 100 SMS/MMS
Add-ons S$15/month for UNLIMITED TALK-TIME



StarHub Weekend Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

StarHub’s Weekend Unlimited mobile data plan seems a bit more tricky. But if you do the math right on your monthly usage, you will get more by paying less. With the S$24 contract free plan, you can pay an extra S$10 each month for the DataJump add-on which will grant you an extra 5GB of data. That will give you a total of 8GB of mobile data for you to use during weekdays and unlimited data usage on Saturdays & Sundays. And you will be paying a S$34 monthly fee which is a fraction from M1’s mySIM3 98 plan.

So do your math right when you choose StarHub’s Weekend Unlimited mobile data plans. And also if you are looking to get some subsidies for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, StarHub is the better choice. Starting tomorrow, you will be able to sign up for the plans online as well as at StarHub Shops, authorised dealers and COMEX 2017.


xs S M L XL
Monthly subscription (Two-year plan with subsidised mobile device) S$48 S$68 S$88 S$108 S$238
Monthly subscription (No-contract SIM Only) S$24 S$34 S$44 S$54 S$119
Local data bundle 3GB 4GB 5GB 8GB 15GB
Unlimited use on Saturdays and Sundays
Local talktime 200 400 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Local SMS/MMS Pay per use at 5.35 cents/SMS Unlimited
Optional extras DataJump – Add another 5GB to 20GB @ S$10/month (For S to XL plans)
DataShare – Allocate data for sharing with other mobile plans in the same billing account @ promotional rate of S$2.14/month
SharePlus – Add up to two supplementary lines @ promotional rate of S$9.63/month/line
DataTravel – Use 2GB across multiple travel destinations for 30 days @ S$15
JuniorProtect Plus – Set network-based content filters @ S$5.35/month

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