Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Station – Time To Leave Your Laptop At Work

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Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price

Samsung DeX Station with Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse

Don’t you just hate bringing your laptop home just to finish a PowerPoint presentation? Or you frequently need to travel for work or finish some work during your vacation. Bringing a laptop with you can be troublesome. You cannot put your laptop into your check-in baggage as it is not safe from theft or rough handling. That means you would usually hand-carry it onto your flight. Or sometimes you just do not want that excess weight on your cabin baggage or on your shoulders. The solution will be the Samsung DeX Station with Samsung Galaxy S8 and you will also need a TV screen with HDMI input in your home or hotel room.

Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price

Except for the Samsung Galaxy S8, the rest can all be packed into your check-in baggage


Who Would Need DeX Station?

Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price

Lightroom app is supporting DeX too!!!

As long as you generally work on emails, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and basic photo editing with Lightroom, the Samsung DeX Station will be perfect for you. All your work files and documents can be easily retrieved or uploaded via cloud storage, so there’s really not a lot of reason for you to bring along your laptop. With the DeX Station, you will be able to transform your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone into a PC just by docking it. You will be able to create or edit a Microsoft Office document just like a regular PC. That is with a mouse and keyboard. Definitely faster and more intuitive than on your smartphone display screen.

Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price

Mirroring from S8 via Dex Station

You will be able to use the other apps installed on your smartphone when in Dex Station mode. But not all of them will support DeX mode visually, so you will not be able to resize the windows or enlarge them like the Microsoft, Microsoft and Skypeexe apps that support DeX. The DeX Station can also be used to mirror the screen on your S8, so that you can enjoy your Netflix shows in full screen using this mode. Simply switch the modes via the notification drop down.



Samsung DeX Station Review Singapore Price

Working on a 65″ Screen on my sofa… #thatslife. That Park was in Yilan, Taiwan.

The Samsung DeX Station is not something new in the market. Many brands have tried and failed. But the current consumer tech ecosystem seems to have a demand for something like this. We like this new way to let us work anywhere, anytime, without the need of lugging heavy laptops or feeling desk bound.

So if you already own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or you intend to get the Samsung Galaxy S8, the S$198 DeX Station may be worth your consideration.


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