Sony Extra Bass Headphones Sets Your Heart Thumping


28 August 2012, Singapore – Looking for that extra punch in your music? Sony’s new range of Extra Bass headphones is set to give that groovy, heart pounding music experience to music lovers regardless of their musical taste.

Sony Extra Bass series of headphones feature a special driver unit that is engineered exclusively by Sony, as well as an Advanced Direct Vibe Structure that offers a high enclosed structure to deliver superior sound isolation and an extremely powerful bass to compliment every genre of music – no matter whether it is hip hop, rock or pop. The Advanced Direct Vibe Structure allows for Capacity Optimisation that allows for the adjustment of the front diaphragm’s capacity to fine-tune the tone balance of both mid and high frequency sounds.


Groove with Rino Nakasone

Check out the groovy Japanese commercial for Sony Extra Bass, which features Rino Nakasone, a renown dancer & choreographer, who has collaborated with Superstars like Janet Jackson, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani. Rino Nakasone is also known for her dance choreograph for Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, BoA, SHINee & other SM Entertainment artists.

Sony Extra Bass Over-The-Ear Headphones

Sony Extra Bass XB200, XB400, XB600 and XB900
Sony Extra Bass XB200, XB400, XB600 and XB900

Not only is the Extra Bass range of over-the-ear headphones extremely portable due to their folding design, they also feature elasticised leather covered urethane pads which form a comfortable, seamless seal over your ears, providing a listening experience that feels as good as it sounds.



Sony Extra Bass In-Ear Headphones

Sony Extra Bass XB30EX, XB60EX and XB90EX
Sony Extra Bass XB30EX, XB60EX and XB90EX

Despite their small size, these in-ear models still pack a strong punch when it comes to reproducing those pulsating beats that is such a common staple in modern music. Vertical in-the-ear structures and hybrid silicone ear buds ensure a comfortable fit over long periods of time, proving they have much more to offer than just their sophisticated style and superior audio quality.

The new Extra Bass series of headphones will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from September 2012. Pricing is not available at time of publishing this article.


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