Video Games – Effective Teaching Tool?

Aug 11, 2011, Connecticut, USA – A recent IPSOS Poll commissioned by Duracell found that 73% of parents agreed that educational video games can be an effective teaching tool.  Two-thirds believe that playing video games can help their children develop skills like eye-hand coordination and even teamwork.

Eight in 10 teachers agree that electronic devices are an important part of a student’s learning process, besides the traditional books and classroom activities.

According to the survey, teachers believe that technology is intrinsic to their students’ success. Nearly 85 percent feel that in order for their students to succeed in school, they need to have a general understanding of the latest technology. Likewise, 73 percent agree that in order for their students to succeed, they also need to have access to the latest technology. With the busy back to school season, it can be a stress for parents to keep up with the types of devices that their kids need to do well in school – in fact, half of them (50 percent) agree that it gets harder every year due to evolving technology.

“We know that electronic devices are increasingly becoming part of parents’ back to school purchases,” said Kip Olmstead, Duracell marketing director-North America. “Whether it’s to keep children’s battery-operated electronic devices powered up for use in the classroom or to provide the charge for educational video games at home, Duracell products offer much-needed solutions to make the back-to-school time a successful experience for parents, teachers and kids alike.”

To help power electronic devices, the survey found that a majority of parents (52 percent) say that batteries are part of their back to school purchases. The survey results also revealed that:

  • 85 percent of teachers agree that their students enjoy using electronic devices to learn as opposed to more traditional learning devices like text books.
  • 74 percent of teachers agree that technology increases their students’ motivation and self-esteem.
  • 66 percent of teachers believe that the use of technology allows their school to be more green and 53% say that because of advances of technology at their school, their students are becoming more eco-friendly.
  • 59 percent of parents agree that preparing their kids for going back to school can be stressful.
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Note: This national survey was conducted online by Ipsos Public Affairs on July 8-13, 2011 using a national sample of 1,014 parents with at least one child under the age of 18 living at home, while another national survey was conducted online by Ipsos Public Affairs on February 23 – March 2, 2011 using a national sample of 1,000 teachers currently teaching kindergarten through high school.

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