AXA SmartTraveller to Provide COVID-19 Coverage for Overseas Travel

AXA Insurance’s travel insurance AXA SmartTraveller has been enhanced to include COVID-19 cover starting from 1 December 2020. Both existing and new AXA SmartTraveller customers will be covered by benefits related to COVID-19 including medical expenses, hospitalisation allowance and quarantine allowance while overseas as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, pre-departure trip cancellations and postponement, and trip curtailment or rearrangement losses.

This comes one week after NTUC Income added coverage for COVID-19 for overseas travel.

AXA offers two plans – The Essential and Comprehensive plans with different coverage limits for the same range of benefits.

BenefitEssential Plan Coverage LimitComprehensive Plan Coverage Limit
Overseas Medical Expenses Up to S$50,000 per person Up to S$100,000 per person 
Overseas Hospitalisation Allowance S$100 per day,  up to S$1,000 S$100 per day,  up to S$2,000 
Overseas Quarantine Allowance S$50 per day, up to S$350 S$50 per day, up to S$700 
Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Full cover Full cover 

(a) Trip Cancellation 
(b) Trip Postponement 

(a) S$1,000 
(b) S$500 

(a) S$2,000 
(b) S$1,000 
Trip Curtailment or Rearrangement S$2,000 S$4,000 

You will be covered under these scenarios:

  • Fails temperature screening at departure gate at the airport and has to cancel the trip. Certified to be infected with COVID-19 subsequently.
  • Tests positive for COVID-19 and requires hospitalisation during the trip
  • Forced to be quarantined due to COVID-19 infection whilst overseas
  • Forced to cancel trip as the sole travelling companion tested positive for COVID-19
  • Has to rearrange itinerary whist overseas as there are no flights due to COVID-19

You WILL NOT be covered under this circumstance:

  • Cancels the trip in compliance with Singapore government advisory against travel to the specific destination
  • If the general entry requirement for all inbound visitors is to self-isolate/quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the country, quarantine allowance is not covered
  • Cost of Polymerase Chain Reaction test (or swab test) if the result is negative
  • Cruise holidays
  • One-way trips

You can purchase AXA SmartTraveller here.

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