Forgot Something on Your Trip. These hotels and serviced apartments bring back the lost art of borrowing.

Embarking on a journey often entails the thrill of discovery and the joy of experiencing the unfamiliar. Yet, amid the excitement of exploration, the inevitable question arises: “Did I forget something?” In the bustling realm of hotels and serviced apartments, where the pace of life can sometimes leave essentials behind, a new narrative unfolds — one that rekindles the forgotten art of borrowing.

Enter a world where these establishments not only provide a haven for travellers but also revive the tradition of lending a helping hand to those who may have left a crucial item behind on their voyage. This is a post of “Forgot Something on Your Trip,” where hotels and serviced apartments become not just destinations but custodians of the lost and a bridge to the comforts of the familiar.

Unleashing Possibilities: Dive into Unique Experiences with Hotel Indigo’s Borrowed by Hotel Indigo Initiative

Hotel Indigo has launched Borrowed by Hotel Indigo, a global initiative allowing stay-in guests to borrow everyday necessities at no cost. Recognizing the decline in borrowing from neighbours, the programme aims to revive this tradition, emphasizing community bonds. From December 2023 to February 2024, Hotel Indigo invites guests in Southeast Asian cities to borrow items unique to their neighbourhoods, fostering an appreciation for local cultures.

Guests staying at Hotel Indigo Phuket Patong can try Muay Thai boxing in the hotel’s full-sized boxing ring using borrowed Hotel Indigo branded boxing gloves. At Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, guests can personalize their exploration experience by choosing from three sets of items: Saen Sabai (The Picnic Set), Teaw Talod (The Explorer Set), and Suay Rerd (The Photographer Set), catering to their individual preferences for exploring the City of Angels.

Guests at Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong can engage in the vibrant Peranakan culture by borrowing traditional Tiffin carriers to bring back delightful Nyonya treats to their rooms. Meanwhile, visitors at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach in Bali can embrace the local culture by borrowing ceremonial outfits crafted from Balinese fabric, Endek. Additionally, they can explore the hotel’s iconic coastline in style by borrowing surfing rash guards.

In Australia, Hotel Indigo properties at Melbourne on Flinders, Adelaide Markets and Brisbane City Centre also have similar programmes.

Lost in Pages: The Robertson House, A Crest Collection, Invites You to Discover Serenity Through the Chapters of a Book

Travelling offers a chance to unwind and pursue personal interests. Personally, I find solace in reading—an indulgence often sidelined by time constraints. During my stay at The Robertson House, a Crest Collection hotel in the Mohammed Sultan enclave in Singapore, I was pleasantly surprised to find books on every table in the Reading Room, the hotel’s executive lounge. Visitors are urged to select a book of their liking to enjoy during their stay. Moreover, guests who haven’t completed their chosen book by check-out time are encouraged to take it with them. The hotel also welcomes contributions to the book collection, fostering a distinctive book exchange experience.

Cultivating Comfort: Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore’s Unique Offerings in Borrowed Bliss

Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore has consistently been a pioneer in delivering innovative guest experiences within the serviced residences domain. They recently introduced the Wellness Suite @ Dao in collaboration with OSIM, enhancing their one-bedroom suite with OSIM’s latest massage chairs and leg massagers. The uDream Pro Well-being Chair, valued at S$9,000, provides a rejuvenating massage of up to 30 minutes per session, featuring various massage modes and settings. Personally experiencing this during my overnight stay, I indulged in four distinct massage sessions, resulting in the complete recovery of my year-long frozen shoulder!

In addition to the luxurious amenities, guests at Dao by AMTD Singapore can conveniently utilise the serviced residence’s mobile app to borrow various items throughout their stay. If residents find themselves without essential pantry items, they can request spices, herbs, oil and sauces. Moreover, guests can request wellness items such as red light therapy, sauna blanket, tandem bike, blood pressure monitor or OSIM massagers for a more personalised experience. Guests can also borrow the Dao Bicycle to explore the city or toys for the kids.

Adding a unique touch to the guest experience, Dao by AMTD Singapore offers a plant library where guests can borrow plants to nurture during their stay. Each plant is assigned a name and comes with its own story.

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