Hong Kong Disneyland - Marvel Suer Hero Attraction

Hong Kong Disneyland To Add New Attractions from 2018

Hong Kong Disneyland Castle
Hong Kong Disneyland Castle Source HKDL

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort first opened in 2005. It will be adding new themed areas, attractions and entertainment from 2018 through 2023. Hong Kong Disneyland Resort will introduce Marvel and ‘Frozen’, as well as transform the centrepiece of the park and the gateway to Fantasyland Castle amongst others.

The Iron Man Experience will open officially on 11 January 2017 and the richly themed Disney Explorers Lodge resort hotel in the first half of the year. Three themed areas,  Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point, which opened between 2011 and 2013 have been enhanced. In 2015, Hong Kong Disneyland celebrated its 10th anniversary with a new stage show Mickey and the Wondrous Book and a new walk through experience Fairy Tale Forest. The past summer, Star Wars: Tomorrowland Takeover presented attractions and offerings themed after another classic Disney franchise.




Hong Kong Disneyland - Marvel Themed Area
Marvel Themed Area Source HKDL

Experience of the Marvel Super Heroes will be introduced including the Iron Man Experience and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters will fight alongside the icons of the Marvel Universe. The Epicentre of Marvel Super Heroes will be expanded with events in phases.



Hong Kong Disneyland - Frozen Themed Area
Frozen Themed Area Source HKDL

Two new “Frozen” attractions will be introduced. Characters from the kingdom of Arendelle will come to life. There will also be uniquely themed dining, shopping and entertainment.


Castle and Hub

Hong Kong Disneyland - Castle Front Elevation-End of Day
Castle Front Elevation End of Day Source HKDL

The Castle and Hub will be transformed with new daytime and night time shows and entertainment offerings.


Adventured Show Place

Hong Kong Disneyland Adventureland Show Place
Hong Kong Disneyland Adventureland Show Place Source HKDL

Moana’s Village Festival offers a series of daytime entertainment offerings anchored around a lively stage show in a new interactive entertainment environment. Moana, the heroine of the new Disney animated film that will be released globally from November 2016 will meat guests and enjoy live shows and immersive Disney storytelling.

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