Qatar Airways Offers Self-Service Baggage Printing Service

Qatar Airways Offers Self Service Baggage Tag Printing

Qatar Airways Offers Self-Service Baggage Printing Service
Qatar Airways Offers Self Service Baggage Printing Service


Qatar Airways joins other airlines to allow customers from all classes of travel to print their own baggage tag before heading to the airport to save time when checking in so they can proceed directly to web check-in bag drop counter instead of having to print and tag their luggage in the airport.  Qatar Airways has named this service My Q Tag and is available for Qatar Airways flights out of Doha to 110 destinations. The airline is awaiting approval to roll this service out to other airports.

Print your own baggage tag after checking in online in the comfort of your home or office by selecting the number of bags you intend to bring along for your trip. Qatar Airways will provide a reusable plastic wallet at the airport. Fold your bag tag sheet into four and insert into the plastic wallet with the bar code visible.

Doha’s Hamad International Airport offers five of the six IATA Fast Travel options for self-service including Check-In, Bags-Ready-To-Go, Flight Rebooking, Self-Boarding, and Baggage Recovery. There are also plans to implement Document Check which is the last of the Fast Travel Option.

Other airlines have already implemented self service baggage tag printing and we take a look at some of these initiatives.


Air France KLM Self Serve Check In and Baggage Drop

Air France KLM Self Service Check In
Air France KLM Self Service Check In

Air France and KLM has been offering this convenience to customers of all classes. There are also special drop off points for frequent travellers so that they can get their priority labels on their baggage. Higher tiered frequent flyer programme members will also enjoy the priority handling when they drop off their luggage at the ELITE drop off points.

The last time I flew to Paris Charles De Gaulle airport to get to Toulouse to collect AirAsia X’s tenth aircraft from the Airbus Delivery Centre, I got to experience the self service check in and baggage tagging as well as dropping off the baggage at the self-service baggage drop off counter and thought it was really fast and easy.

Qantas Q Bag Tag

Qantas Q Tag and Self Service Check in
Qantas Q Tag and Self Service Check in

Qantas Q Bag Tags are permanent electronic bag tags which can only be used for domestic flights within Australia.  These Q Bag Tags take away the need to print baggage tags every time you fly domestically saving on time and resources. You can also drop your bags directly at Bag Drop counters at the airport when you have checked-in online or on your mobile.

These Q Bag Tags are designed by Marc Newson and they contain world’s first technology that synchronises your details on your boarding pass or Qantas card with your baggage. Qantas sells these Q Bag Tags at A$29.95 or A$49.95 for two. Customers can also redeem their Qantas Frequent Flyer points for these tags. These tags are available from Qantas Shop, Airport Vending Kiosks, Qantas Club service desks in Sydney T3, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Finnair Launches Bag Drop Machines At Helsinki Airport

Finnair Self Service Baggage and Check In

Finnair installed 10 self-service bag drop units in the departure hall of Terminal 2 at Helsinki Airport last month. Customers who have checked in online or at the self service check in kiosks can tag and drop their checked baggage. Baggage tags are printed at the self service check in kiosk. Bring your bag to the self service bag drop unit, scan your bag tag with the hand held scanner and your bag is ready to go.


Changi Airport Group Trials Self Service Initiatives with Jetstar Asia

Changi Airport Trials Self Service Check In
Changi Airport Trials Self Service Check In

In May 2014, Changi Airport Group announced that it will partner Jetstar Asia to trial self service initiatives at Singapore Changi Airport as part of the airport’s Fast and Seamless Travel at Changi (FAST@Changi) programme that it plans to roll out progressively at Changi Airport including the new Terminal 4. The trial started in early May and will run for three months toll August 2014.

Two self bag-drop units and four self-check in counters in Terminal 1 have been fitted alongside the Jetstar check-in counters. Selected Jetstar flights are participating in the trial and customers on these flights were invited to print their own boarding passes and baggage tag after checking in.


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