Singapore Zoo Introduces Upgraded Breakfast in the Wild with African Penguins and California Sea Lion

Breakfast in the Wild is Singapore Zoo’s iconic dining programme that runs daily at Ah Meng Restaurant from 9am to 10.30am. This experience is priced at S$47 for adults and S$37 for children six to 12 years old. Local residents can enjoy a 20% off Singapore Zoo admission and Breakfast in the Wild on weekdays. Breakfast in the Wild is held within the Zoo grounds, so you’ll need to get an admission ticket into the Zoo.

The updated Breakfast in The Wild now features two new animal ambassadors, the adorable Californian Sea Lion and African Penguins. They join the existing lineup of animals, taking turns to make an appearance at the interactive sessions. Meet either of on the two new additions. African penguins mostly live in the southern coastal regions of Africa and are used to warmer climates, while Californian sea lions are semi aquatic animals usually found in the western coast of North America.

A main 45-main presentation occurs from 9.15am where animals such as the orangutan, fennec fox, green iguana, and Bengal eagle owl make an appearance for guests to learn about their unique features from their keepers.

Guests have the opportunity to engage with some of the animal ambassadors or take selfies with them. The curious African Penguins interact playfully with visitors. The iguana, on the other hand, remains almost motionless, contemplatively allowing guests to feel its scaly skin. The orangutans are actively engaged in eating and solving puzzles to obtain more food. They are free to roam and return without any human interference. So, once they are out, be sure to take photos with them quickly.

Official photographers from Singapore Zoo will also be present to take photos of guests with the animal ambaassadors. Guests can purchase these photos to bring home as souvenirs.

A selection of local fare as well as western breakfast items such as turkey bacon, ham, waffles are available on a wide selection at the breakfast buffet spread. The prata and curry, marcaroni and chicken soup, Chee Cheong Fun, Brown porridge as well as warm Soya Milk with Youtiao and Butterfly pastry offered quite a substantial local spread. Help yourself to juices, coffee and tea. View the menu here.

Since we didn’t get to see the Californian Sea Lion, we walked over to catch the Splash Safari at 10.30am to catch Tiago entertain us. It was quite a show. Sit a few rows behind the blue seats at the front to avoid the splash zone if you do not wish to get wet. Expect lots of laughter, and claps during the experience.

Enjoy the rest of your day exploring the Singapore Zoo and get acquainted with the animal residents.

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