Cash strapped but hungry for a great tasting meal? Come 3 June 2010, BURGER KING® will be launching the BK a4dables, a selection of 4 selected meals priced at an affordable $4.95 ‐ every day after breakfast hours (which ends 11am). Choose from any of the all‐time favourites: BK Singles Mushroom Swiss, BK Singles BBQ Turkey Bacon, WHOPPER JR.® or Spicy BK Chick’n Crisp. Each BK a4dables comes with medium fries and medium soft drink to complete your meal.

“Our customers tell us that $5.00 is a reasonable amount they would gladly spend on a value meal, and that is the main reason why we decided to launch the BK a4dables. At the same, the BK a4dables include all‐time favs such as the BK Mushroom Swiss and the BK BBQ Turkey Bacon, which demonstrates our understanding of our consumer’s tastes. We are proud to state that this is the first time in Singapore when we offer a good selection of BK meals at such an affordable price on a long‐term basis. In fact, we are making these meals so affordable, one would think BURGER KING® is putting money back into your wallet!”, revealed Mr Philip Ho, Head, Marketing, Burger King Singapore Pte. Ltd.


A crispy chicken fillet topped with garden‐fresh iceberg lettuce and creamy mayo, all sandwiched in a fresh sesame seed bun. It’s got just the right amount of spicy kick, just the right amount of flavour, and just the right amount of crunch! An instant favourite for anyone who loves an extra zing in their burgers!

It’s like watching a black and white film that’s not in black and white. It’s a classic, but with the extra little twist of a succulent flame‐grilled beef patty, topped with smoky BBQ sauce and our unique crispy turkey bacon and cheese on a sesame seed bun. Packing an irresistible smoky, cheesy taste despite its slightly‐smaller size from the Doubles, this is a classic that people will always crave for!

It’s a little WHOPPER® with a big taste. A flame‐grilled beef patty topped with a red ripe tomato, crisp lettuce, creamy mayo, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and onions‐all on a toasted sesame seed bun. A sumptuous burger that is heaven up to the last bite, the WHOPPER is indisputably the king of all burgers!

A deliciously flame‐grilled to perfection beef patty, topped with mushroom sautéed sauce, and melt‐in‐your‐mouth Swiss cheese on a sesame seed bun.  It’s a feast for not only the eyes, but the tummy, as well. Bursting with same great taste and flavour now just a little smaller in size from the Doubles, the mere thought of it is enough to make you smack your lips!

From 3 Jun till 14 Jul 2010. As part of the promotional launch of BK a4dables, purchase any of the BK a4dables and receive a FREE Taro Turnover (worth $1.45 while stocks last)! BK’s Taro Turnover is a tasty dessert treat with sweet taro chunks in a crispy pie crust – a definite must‐have for anyone with a sweet tooth!


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