Burger King Serves Seattle’s Best Coffee

November 2010, Singapore – In October, the senior management of Burger King walked down Orchard Road to apologize for not introducing soft serve ice-cream sooner.  There was a free cone day for the public to taste the new offering at 9 BK outlets throughout Singapore and 1-for-1 deals for BK Soft Serve and BK FUSIONS.

Check out the photos of staff and senior management from Burger King apologizing in pubic below.

Burger King Apology Stint and Free Cone Day
Burger King Apology Stint and Free Cone Day

With many new innovations and improvements to their fast food menu, Burger King introduces Seattle’s Best Coffee, a premium coffee offering available permanently at all Burger King restaurants islandwide (except BK-Escape Theme Park). Each cup is freshly-brewed, and value for money (from $3.60 per cup).

An American brand with over 40 years of experience in sourcing, roasting and creating truly satisfying and delicious blends, Seattle’s Best Coffee is bold and full-flavoured yet with a distinguished taste that is mellow and Unconditionally Smooth. Smooth Roasting of their 100% Arabica coffee beans is a technique that is constantly adjusted to get the most out of every batch of coffee beans.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is served in approximately 7,260 Burger King restaurants in the United States since September 2010.

There are eight coffee brews for you to choose from with pricing that varies at selected outlets.

Great-Tasting Perk-Me-Ups in the morning:

  • Americano S$3.60
  • Cappuccino S$3.60
  • Latte S$3.60
  • Mocha S$3.80

Refreshing Iced Coffee for anytime of the day:

  • Iced Americano S$3.60
  • Iced Latte S$3.70
  • Iced Mocha S$3.80
  • Iced Caramel Latte S$3.80

Check out their online application – BK Coffee Smootherizer which is open to public free from now till 1 December 2010.  Click here to play.

Upload a photo of your ‘bad’ coffee in the BK Coffee Smootherizer application and rate it.  Burger King will then transform your ‘bad’ coffee ‘smooth’ by issuing you a 50% discount e-coupon!  Print out this coupon and redeem in your next purchase of a freshly-brewed cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee at any Burger King restaurant in Singapore (Except BK Escape Theme Park).

When the Bad Coffee-O-Meter hits the 50% mark, Burger King gives out Free cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee on the next day at designated locations from 8 to 10am.

And when the Bad Coffee-O-Meter hits the 100% mark, Burger King gives out another round of Free cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee on the next day at designated locations from 8 to 10am.

Burger King will be giving out a total of 5,000 cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee!  Check out www.burgerking.com.sg/coffee for more details.

Be kept abreast of Burger King Singapore at their Facebook Fan Page

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