Glenfiddich Launches Where Next? Campaign in Southeast Asia


Glenfiddich has launched the Where Next campaign to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone. The single malt scotch whisky bran hopes to encourage people to embrace challenges to create meaningful growth. This Southeast Asian campaign will hit Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Central to the Where Next campaign are Mavericks, people who embody the changemaker spirit, everyday people who are courageous enough to challenge themselves to forge their own paths, creating change even if the odds are against them.

Glenfiddich has partnered TEDx-communities across the region, TEDxSingapore, TEDxKL, TEDxJakarta, TEDxDiliman and TEDxBangkok, to present ImagineNext, a series of talks by local speakers. These are creative Mavericks in their fields who show that living purposefully with persistence and drive, and challenging the norms have allowed them to grow stronger. Episodes are released weekly on from 6 May 2021 to 5 June 2021. 

Singapore: Imagine Impact TEDxSingapore will explore how a new generation of leaders breaks down the meaning of impact,and what purpose and impact truly means and translates to for their community. 

Social entrepreneur Grace Sai will discuss the future of social entrepreneurship in the next decade and the transformation journeys of more than 100 corporates that she has helped, while entrepreneur and industrial designer Donn Koh will elaborate on the intriguing idea of purposeful design, and its impact on our future.
Kuala Lumpur: Imagine Action TEDxKuala Lumpur will explore the importance of trailblazing new paths, to encourage others to be brave and entrepreneurial in their own way. 

Cheryl Goh, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Grab, will offer her insight into how marketers can enhance their impact on brand decision-making and strengthen brand equity and consumer trust during an economic downturn. Named the World Games’ Greatest Athlete of All Time 2021, Nicol David has held on to a record nine-year reign as the world’s number one in squash. She will talk about her fervent tenacity in the face of adversity. 
Bangkok: Imagine Nation In TEDxThailand, Mavericks will delve into the notion of diversity being the essential key to blending conversations, in order to bring about a brighter imagination to the future. 

Nattanon Dungsunenarn, Co-founder and editor-in-chief of SPACETH.CO, a leading creative content publisher about space has managed to showcase multifaceted perspectives of the great unknown. He will discuss what more space can bring to us. 
Jakarta: Imagine Nasi In the face of the global food crisis, imagination is key to developing creative solutions to these difficult issues. Nasi (rice), the staple food of the country, holds a deeper meaning in the Bahasa Malay word for imagination – imajinasi. TEDxJakarta highlights the intersection of problem and solution within the nation’s looming food crisis. 

Lisa Virgiano, is an entrepreneur and Brand director of KAUM, from the Potato Head Family. She champions the culinary heritage of Indonesians, and seeks to ensure that this legacy of local cuisine be passed on for generations to come. Dr. Florentinus Gregorius Winarno, widely known as an international standard food and nutrition technology expert, shares his thoughts on how Indonesia can cope with its looming crisis. 

In addition to the ImagineNext talks, join Glenfiddich and TEDx Mavericks on weekly Clubhouse and Instagram Live sessions as the speakers explore what it means to be a Maverick in their experience, and have the opportunity to interact with them firsthand. More details will be provided on these sessions at a later date. 

Experience Where Next on Instagram. The simple digital exercise allows thoughtful questions to be posed to its community and their friends. You can “Tag your role model. Why are they your Inspiration?” or answer questions like “What’s one thing you always wanted to try, but never dared to?”. Click here to access the digital experience.

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