85 Endangered Hawksbill turtles hatchlings at Sentosa Released Safely

Some 85 critically endangered Hawksbill turtle hatchlings emerged from their nest on Sentosa’s Siloso Beach last night. Sentosa Development Corporation’s Environmental Management Team checked on their health before releasing them into the sea at around 6.30 am.

These turtle eggs hatched 58 days after their nest was discovered on 3 September 2021. SDC carefully built a temporary “home” over the in-situ nest within a day of discovery. This “home” kept the eggs safe from predators like monitor lizards and crabs, human encroachment and other disturbances. They also conducted periodic checks to ensure the nest was safe.

This is the sixth time that eggs of the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle have hatched at Sentosa. For the first time in recent years, two Hawksbill turtle nests have been discovered in Sentosa in a short span of about two weeks. The other nest is at Palawan Beach. It is expected to hatch in the coming weeks.

What To Do If You Spot a Turtle Nest

If you spot a turtle nest in Sentosa, please inform SDC at 1800-SENTOSA (7368672). Keep their distance and do not shine lights on a turtle if you see one. Doing this could confuse and scare away the turtle, hindering it from laying eggs. Click here for more information.

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