Zeiss Packages Useful Gift for Friends who Wear Glasses

Get your friends the gift of clear vision with ZEISS Christmas Gift Packs. Each pack contains 2 x ZEISS Lens Wipes and 1x ZEISS AntiFog Kit. Priced at S$25 per gift pack, the ZEISS Christmas Gift Packs are available at 89 outlets islandwide.

To show its efficacy, we sprayed the AntiFog solution on the front and back the left lens in the photo above. We then added boiled water into the cup. And the results are obvious.

This should last for 3 days, then you need to respray again for it to work.

How to Clean Your Glasses Like A Pro

  1. Clean your lenses with the ZEISS Lens Wipes or warm soap and water.
  2. After your lenses have completely dried, spray the AntiFOG solution on both sides of the lenses.
  3. Wipe the lenses dry with the cloth provided in the kit.

The AntiFOG spray can also be used on cameras, binoculars and other non-eye wear surfaces. But spray the AntiFOG solution on the cloth and wipe onto lenses until dry.

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