Book Review: iPad at Work by David Sparks

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Book Review: iPad at Work by David Sparks

16 January 2012, Singapore – It’s the world of the iPads. Everywhere I go, I see people of all ages using the iPad and more and more people are using for work. Accessories such as bluetooth keyboards which I recently reviewed have also been sold in the market to help you be more productive.

iPad at Work is the definitive guide that helps guide you through the process of incorporating the iPad into a business environment. It helps you discover the capabilities of the iPad with recommendations on what Apps to use to help you become more productive.

Host of the Mac Power Users podcast, publisher of and author of Mac at Work, David Sparks covers the best software and practices for productivity integrating the iPad into a work environment. Learn how to set up and get started with an iPad as well as tips on the best enterprise practices for word processing, spreadsheet creation, presenting, task and project management, graphic design and communications.

Written in a very user friendly language, you’ll be able to do the following after reading the book:

  • Set up your iPad for business, syncing it, backing it up, and choosing accessories and utilities
  • Investigate browser options, manage a Twitter feed, safely using cloud storage, set up a video conference and explore e-meeting options
  • Book flights and hotels, navigate a city and convert currency
  • Explore choices for word processing, spreadsheets, note-taking, presentations, email, reading ebooks
  • Discover apps that work for specific industries
  • Communicate with Windows networks

After reviewed this book, I realized that I am on the right track, having downloaded some of the recommended apps prior to reading it.

Logitech Keyboard Case For Ipad 2 by ZAGG

Logitech Keyboard Case For Ipad 2 by ZAGG

iPad at Work


iPad at Work is published by Wiley and is available at Kinokuniya for S$45.96

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