“World Tour, Vintage Hotels Labels From The Collection of Gaston Louis Vuitton” Book By Francisca Matteoli To Launch In September

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2 August 2012, Singapore – Gaston Louis-Vuitton, the grandson of Louis Vuitton has put together a unique collection of 3000 hotel labels through his travels.  Over 1000 labels from his collection are presented in a travel book “World Tour, Vintage Hotel Labels From The Collection of Gaston Louis-Vuitton” by Chilean author Francisca Matteoli to be launched this September.

The book will feature a journey round the world in twenty-one stopovers.   Be brought on a journey from Paris to Rio de Janeiro or London to Tokyo and reminisce in nostalgia.

"World Tour, Vintage Hotels Labels From The Collection of Gaston Louis Vuitton" Book By Francisca Matteoli To Launch In September


Limited editions come in a boxed set and contains a world map and a notebook with 11 self-adhesive hotel labels in English, French and Japanese versions. The limited editions will be sold exclusively in Louis Vuitton stores from 1 September 2012.

The bookstore editions in French and English will be launched 20 September and Spring 2013 respectively.



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