SwingaporeTV – Watch it!!

More and more online tv productions are springing up and there’s really an array of impressive ones.

From SUPERMODELME.tv from  Refinery Media to Clicknetwork.tv, to name a few of the springing production houses in Singapore.  But today I want to talk about SwingaporeTV which is about the misadventures of four expatriates who are dropped into the cultural mash-up of modern-day Singapore.

Here’s your dosage of Singapore 101 – facts of life in Singapore and Singlish 101.

Throw a dart at Asia and you are likely to hit China, or India, or Indonesia, or even Malaysia. Nestled in among those Asian giants, however, is the little country that could: Singapore. With four million Chinese, Malay and Indian inhabitants living in a fully “Westernized” country, its a cultural mash-up like nowhere else in the world. It’s Chinese karaoke on a hip-hop beat, Malay weddings on YouTube, Bollywood stars getting their coffee at Starbucks. When you move to Singapore, you dont have to the learn the local culture—you have to learn ALL of them.

I’ve watched the trailers and online pilot episodes and like what I watch!







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