Martell Premier Voyage in Singapore for S$20,000

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Martell Premier Voyage on display at Art Plural in Singapore for the month of March.

Martell Premier Voyage on display at Art Plural in Singapore for the month of March.

Martell Premier Voyage has arrived in Singapore. Two of the 300 limited pieces are now available in Singapore at S$20,000 with a unique new blend containing 18 unique eaux-de-vie from 1868 to 1977 and rested in oak casks made of 300 years old oak. The Martell Premier Voyage was released as part of Martell’s 300th anniversary celebrations.

Currently exhibiting at Art Plural gallery till 31 March 2015, the Martell Premier Voyage displays a beautiful coppery and pale amber colour and is contained in an elegant teardrop-shaped Sèvres crystal decanter and sits on a stunning artwork created by world-renowned French conceptual artist Bernar Venet. Venet’s timeless design comprises COR-TEN steel arcs which are divided into three clusters, each representing 100 years of Martell’s existence. The blend can only be drawn from the sculpture with a fusil; a special pipette used by the Cellar Master to extract and taste eaux-de-vie from the barrels.

Martell Premier Voyage by Bernar Venet

Martell Premier Voyage by Bernar Venet

The first nose offers very sweet nose of candied fruit, honey and spice blend. After swirling it in a glass, you get subtle notes of rancio combined with other notes that remain sweet, but now evoke dried fruit such as apricots and raisins. After the initial impression, Martell Premier Voyage reveals a delicate touch of blackcurrant.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Martell Premier Voyage in Singapore will be donated to The Red Pencil Singapore which offers art therapy to children, adults and families facing overwhelming situations. The Red Pencil Singapore offers bursaries, overseas training, research opportunities and financial support for Masters of Arts in Art-Therapy students whose own financial means would not allow them to cover the costs of the studies.

Art Plural Gallery presents From Earth and Metal: Contemporary Sculpture a group sculpture exhibition featuring renowned international artists Bernar Venet, Pablo Reinoso, Jedd Novatt, Armen Agop and Yves Dana from 5 March till 16 May. Art Plural Gallery is located at 38 Armenian Street, Singapore 179942 and operates from 11am to 7pm everyday except Sundays and Public Holidays.

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