Namie Amuro Uncontrolled Album Cover (thumbnail)

Namie Amuro to Promote UNCONTROLLED Album In Singapore

Namie Amuro Uncontrolled Album Cover

28 June 2012, Singapore – Namie Amuro makes a comeback celebrating 20 years of her music journey with her latest album Uncontrolled which will be available in stores worldwide.   Her last original album PAST<FUTURE” was produced some two and a half years ago, where sher was the first female Japanese solo artist to ever hit #1 on the charts across 5 Asian countries and regions.


Uncontrolled features 9 hit singles and the theme song Only You for WOWOW European soccer Broadcasts.  There are four brand new tracks including Love Story, them song for Fuji TV’s popular Monday 9pm golden time drama, and Fight Together, theme song for popular Japanese TV Anime One Piece.  There is also a bonus DVD which features 11 music videos.


To promote her album and celebrate her 20th anniversary, this queen of J-pop will travel to Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of her promotional tour.  Namie Amuro will be in Singapore for an exclusive meet-and-greet autograph session on 6th July.


Here’s How You Can Get An Invite To Meet Her In Person

  1. Pre-order Namie Amuro Uncontrolled which has been on sale from yesterday to 4 July 2012 at record stores islandwide.
  2. Only for Pre-order purchases, you would get an exclusive poster and a lucky draw coupon which gives you a chance for the meet and greet.
  3. Fill in the coupon, scan both coupon and receipt and send it to


CD Track List

  1. In The Spotlight(TOKYO)(New)
  2. NAKED – Theme Song for the KOSE ESPRIQUE TV Commercial
  4. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down! – Featured Song in Fuji TV’s Monday 9PM Golden Time Drama: “The Reason I Can’t Find My Love”
  5. Hot Girls(New)
  6. Break It <AL ver.> – Theme Song for the Coca-Cola TV Commercial
  7. Get Myself Back – Theme Song for Recochoku’s TV Commercial
  8. Love Story – Theme Song for Fuji TV’s Monday 9PM Golden Time Drama: “The Reason I Can’t Find My Love”
  9. Let’ s Go(New)
  11. Fight Together – Theme Song for the Anime Series “ONE PIECE” on Fuji TV
  12. ONLY YOU(New)- Theme Song for the WOWOW European Soccer Broadcasts
  13. Tempest – Theme Song for NHK BS’ Period Drama “Tempest”



DVD Track List

  1. In The Spotlight (TOKYO) (Music Video)
  2. NAKED (Music Video)
  3. Go Round (Music Video)
  4. Hot Girls (Music Video)
  5. Break It (Music Video)
  6. Get Myself Back (Music Video)
  7. Love Story (Music Video)
  8. Let’s Go (Music Video)
  9. YEAH-OH (Music Video)
  10. ONLY YOU (Music Video)
  11. Tempest (Music Video)



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