SMURFS Fever Hits Singapore

August 2011, Singapore – With The Smurfs (3D) movie hitting the screens on 1 September 2011 in Singapore, the Smurf Fever has taken over residents here. Smurfs were first introduced through comic books in 1958 by its creator Peyo. It was later brought to both the big and small screens. These little blue characters have inspired records and CDs that have sold millions of copies, entire collections of figurines and toys, and many more products. In all, more than 3,000 derived products have been produced.

Here, we have compiled some of the Smurfs activities happening around town.

The Movie

Directed by Raja Gosnell and produced by Jordan Kerner based on the characters of Peyo, cast of The Smurfs includes Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Jaya Mays, Sofia Vergara with voices of Anton Yelchin, Jonathan Winters, Katy Perry, Alan Cumming, Fred Armisen and George Lopez.

I remember following the cartoon during my childhood days every Sunday morning, eagerly anticipating every episode before rushing off to Church with my parents. Now Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures bring the 90+ minute animation back to live. The evil wizard Gargamel chases the Smurfs out of their village, through a portal out of the Smurf world into the human world. They land in the middle of New York’s Central Park, the Smurfs have to find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel finds them.

Smurfs Celebrate Singapore’s 46th Independence Day in The City

Smurfs In The City Exhibition

Venue: Bugis Junction – Malay Street, Level 1 (in front of Intercontinental Singapore)
Date: 7 Aug – 9 Sep 2011
Figurines displayed are up for auction by celebrities and DJs: Adeline Lim, Bryan Wong, Christopher Lee, Chua Enlai, Darryl Yong, Derrick Hoh, Elvin Ng, Fann Wong, Felicia Chin, Jade Seah, Jeffrey Xu, Jessica Liu, Joanne Peh, Joi Chua, Kate Pang, Kit Chan, Liang Wenyin, Mindee Tan, Nat Ho, Olivia Ong, Pamelyn Chee, Romeo Tan, Sora Ma, Tay Ping Hui, Xu Jiaying, Xu Yahui, and MediaCorp Radio Stations.

Silent auction is from 7-21 August. Email [email protected] with interested celebrity Smurf and bid amount (together with name, I/C no. and contact no.), minimum bid amount is S$20.

All proceeds go to the 75 families adopted by MediaCorp Radio as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations.

Smurfs In The City

Smurfs In The City - Star Search
Star Search artistes
Jade Seah and Tay Ping Hui at Smurfs In The City
Jade Seah and Tay Ping Hui
Elvin Ng, Kate Pang and Nat Ho
Elvin Ng, Kate Pang and Nat Ho

Smurfs In The City - Artistes Designed Smurfs

SMURFS Lost In The City

Join the Smurfs for a soccer game at Raffles Place, Handy Road and Scape
Join the Smurfs for a soccer game at Raffles Place, Handy Road and Scape

Find the smurfs at Bugis Junction, The Sony store at Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria, Raffles Place, Handy Road and Scape Youth Park. Take a photo with them and email them to [email protected] 3 most creative photos will win Sony Electronic prizes and Smurf Premiums. A Sony Bravia TV, Sony Vaio and a Sony Handycam are up for grabs. Contest period starts from 15 August to 11 September 2011.

Mini Smurf village at Sony store, Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria
Mini Smurf village at Sony store, Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria
Help the Smurfs escape from Gargamel
Help the Smurfs escape from Gargamel

Smurf Toys

Camtec Smurf Toys

Local toy distributor Camtec Marketing Services introduces a range of figurines, plush and feature toys created by international toy manufacturer, Jakks Pacific. The 14 inch talking plush Smurf and Gargamel captures the essence of the characters through signature signature talking phrases from the film. Products retail from S$7.90 to S$69.90 at Toys “r” Us and all leading department stores since 1 August 2011.

If you missed the Smurf and Smurfette appearances, here’s a schedule of their appearances in the weeks to come.

Smurf and Smurfette Appearances Schedule in Singapore

The Smurfs Village iPhone/iPad Game

If you have not already been getting endless hours of pleasure, download the app from iTunes and check out how you can build a village of thriving Smurfs. Harvest the food that you grow, build new homes and have loads of fun. Well, at least I have been developing my village and have hit Level 17 though it’s been staying at that level since we don’t get much time for such leisure gaming.



Sony Ericsson Smurf Giveaway At Comex 2011

Sony Ericsson Smurf Giveaway

Check out the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro? Well you can get one at Sony Ericsson’s booth at at Suntec Hall 602, Booth 6341 during Comex from 1 to 4 September 2011. For every purchase of Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro, one 12-inch Smurf plush toy will be given out as a free gift.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro

Xperia mini pro– RRP: S$458 (promo price: TBC)
– Ergonomic keyboard and smart functions for fast messaging
– Powerful and fast 1GHz processor for an uncompromised experience
– HD video and Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine
– Synch your email and view office documents safely on the go

Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini

Xperia mini – RRP: S$398 (promo price: TBC)
– World’s smallest Android smartphone with HD video recording
– Powerful and fast 1GHz processor for an uncompromised experience
– Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine
– Facebook inside. Keeping your friends closer

Well, I am definitely looking forward to catching the movie next week. In the meantime, I carry a piece of nostalgia with me on my Blackberry. La la la la la la la la la……..


And if you are on Instagram, do follow “Smurfs”. Below is a sampling of Smurf content.






At the Gala Premiere at The Cathay on 22 August 2011.






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