Soak in the Candy Forest festivities at Central

The Central - Candy Forest

President SR Nathan officially lit up Singapore’s shopping district for Christmas on 20 November preparing Singapore for Christmas.  Check out what Central at the Singapore River has planned for you

CANDY FOREST (5 Nov 2010 – 2 Jan 2011)
Partake in the fun‐filled activities at the Candy Forest such as the secrets of candy making by STICKY, live ice‐cream making by Marble Slab Creamery, bear making workshops and exhibitions by A Bear Place and sweet wine sampling by World of Wines.

  1. STICKY – Learn the secrets of Candy-making daily at 2pm from the candy master as he demonstrates his candy-weaving skills and creates intricate candy design.   Get to taste the candies after the demonstration.
  2. Candy Forest comes to Central - STICKYWorld of Wines – Sample no less than 15 types of sweet wines hailing from Australia, Spain and Countries across the globe.  The Kir Royal makes an ideal partner for aperitif in all occasions.  With its low sugar content, this red juice is easy to drink with 12% alcohol content.  If you prefer a stronger alcohol content, you can mix it with Vodka. For the individual who does not have much of a sweet tooth, you can mix it with sugarless oolong tea.   Each bottle costs S$42, but for purchases at the Candy Forest, there’s a 15% discount.
  3. Marble Slab Creamery – Catch the chef skillfully mix their premium ice cream together with your choice of fruits, nuts and candies onto a frozen slab to create your dessert. Stay around after each demonstration to receive freshly-mixed ice cream.  1pm every day and also 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

  4. A Bear Place – From 5pm to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday from now till 2 Jan 2011, you will receive a free bear kit with a minimum of S$15 spent at Central and learn how to dress up your own bear with the accessories provided in the kit.  Also check out the Exquisite Bear Exhibition featuring 15 designer bears made by local bear artists which are available for sale.Candy Forest Comes To Central - A Bear Place


Mums and Dads, bring your kids down to Central for an imported wholesome, family-friendly, colourful & entertaining musical.  Kayla’s Adventures in Candyland is filled with quirky multi-hued costumes and original music compositions.  This 30 minute performance is open to all Central shoppers and is free for all at the Candy Forest at level 1 of the mall.  At Candy Forest, you will get to enjoy a visual experience of life-size 3 dimensional props such as a 5m tall customized life-size Tree house and a 4.5m tall customized life-size Giant Mushroom.

Follow Kayla through her journey as she encounters the mayhem of Gum Ballers, the sinister Liquorice Twists and the threat of Chocolate Crackles.  Cheer for Kayla’s determination as she defies all odds to free the Candy Fairies and defeat the nefarious Sour Queen’s bitter reign.

You can get up close and personal with the cast after each performance to capture photos together with them

Kayla’s Adventures in Candyland is showing till 26 December 2010.

Showtime:  Tue – Fri, 8pm (1 show) | Sat – Sun, 3pm & 8pm (2 shows) at Central – The Gallery, Level 1.

I was at the first performance last week and was thoroughly entertained by the animated performance.  Check out the photos and videos below.

SHOPPER REWARDS (5 Nov 2010 – 2 Jan 2011)
Stand a chance to win up to 20 times your expenditure when you shop at Central from 5 Nov 2010 to 2 Jan 2011. Other shopper treats include Christmas wrappers and gift tags, balloon and candy giveaways, as well as Christmas exclusives for ALWAYSCentral members and UOB Cardmembers.

You can sign up as an ALWAYSCentral member with a minimum spend of S$80 and receive Central$80 sign-up bonus.

Benefits of being an ALWAYSCentral Member:

  • Once Central$ for every $1 spent at Central
  • Great rewards with Central$
  • Birthday treats and exclusive delights
  • Free parking for top spenders
  • Triple chances in Central lucky draws


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