C’est Magique! Triumph Celebrates 20 Years Of Maximizer Magic

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Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Lingerie brand, Triumph, celebrates 20 Years of Maximiser Magic with a C’est Magique Fashion Walk at [email protected]

Did you know that Triumph is 129 years old? From its humble beginnings in a corset factory in 1886, with nothing but six seamstresses shaping corsets by hand, they have now become a staple in every woman’s life.


20 Years of Maximizer Magic

The Maximizer is undeniably what catapulted the brand to fame, especially in the region. To date, a whopping 100 million pieces have been snatched up just in Asia alone! We loved the tailored innovation, with the freedom to “customise” the boost, inserting or removing the paddings and, my favourite, the revolutionary “invisible” T-shirt bra!

Since then, the Maximizer has moved on to better fabrication, infusing silk protein and aloe vera and the memory foam-esque Sexy Cushion Collection. There was even the Touch Cool collection working to reduce body temperature by 1.27oC – this was definitely made for Singapore.

“We are always improving on the fit, comfort and style because we, the maker of lingerie, understand women and what women what.” – Doy Teo, Managing Director of Triumph Singapore and Malaysia.

Today, to celebrate the heritage of every woman’s secret women to comfort and confidence, they launched their most innovative product yet – the Magic Wire bra. With The Red Dot: Best of the Best Award under its belt, this non-invasive silicon wire replacement combined with the Aqua and Sexy Cushion series for the launch. No doubt, it proved to be a success. It sold 220,000 pieces in the region soon after the launch!


Cést Magique Fashion Walk

There is no other way to commemorate yet another milestone since their founding with a party – and, why not make it the biggest fashion party for the brand!?

Triumph celebrated, and boy, did they do it well. Top Singaporean celebrities, industry leaders, YouTube stars and influencers dressed to nines and gathered with glasses of champagne at a glamorous corner of Dempsey – all awaiting the C’est Magique Fashion Walk.

Shrouded in mystery, no one really knew what to expect. What we got was a Victoria Secret-like runway featuring the best of Maximizer. From the mystical underwater world to the gothic dominatrix, Triumph treated us to a feast, for the eyes.

Here are some of my favourites from that night!

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Sweet Pastels

The ultimate girly girl will find an incredible urge to head to the nearest Triumph store for these. The sweet pastel colours with floral accents is reminiscent of the playful, doll-like Alice.

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Gladiator Princesses

Nothing screams confidence like these models in their black lace. Simple cuts, focused on details of glitter and glamour on a contrasting black is a visual treat, but also reminded of the empowering Xena Warrior Princess! This is for the sexy, strong and independent women, for sure.

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Fairy Queen

Yellow shades are never my choice for intimates, but it is an uplifting and illuminating colour, bringing hope, optimism and confidence! Then again, maybe it is just because the model is doing an awesome job pulling it off, but I am definitely putting this colour into my shopping list from now on.

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Gothic Dominatrix

It would not be a magical-themed party without a couple of mermaids. Those ensembles will come with the crown, right?

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1


Finally, a corset! It only makes sense to be red hot, with an elegant crystal design that’s almost criminal with that black feathered cape.

Triumph celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic 1

Stars of the Night

I saved the best for last. I mean, how could have left out Malaysia Top Model/Actress Amber Chia and Director/Artiste Sheila Sim?

We may be hiding them under layers of clothing most of time, but there is really something empowering when you feel good, quite literally from the inside! And, when it looks this good, it’s a major bonus. The best part? There’s no need to stay envious of the show as you can get them from in-store or online.


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