Triumph Magic Cleavage Collection Brings Out Your Inner Goddess

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Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

Triumph creates cleavage magic with its latest innovation in comfort; the Magic Wire

As “The Maker of Fine Lingerie Since 1886”, Triumph remains a top brand in intimate apparels. They have provided so many with the comfort and support we need throughout the day to feel fresh and confident.

Unwilling to stay complacent in their success, they continue to push the limits with their newest best fit innovation yet; the Magic Wire.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

Their new Magic Wire series aim to provide the best fit and comfort

Instead to the usual “evil” metallic counterparts which drives me to the height of discomfort, it uses Silicone Wires. Yes, Silicone that is so soft and flexible, yet strong – giving the required and contour support our sisters dearly need.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

The Silicone support is invisible to the eye, and provides a seamless silhouette

It even features a new innovation cup design that gives built-in support yet non-intrusive support. With its ultra-light and are pretty much invisible properties, it behaves like T-shirt bra to give you that seamless silhouette to rock that bodycon dress like the goddess that you are.

They have implemented this new and exciting innovation into their Magic Cleavage Collection, which, no surprise, is an exclusively selected assortment of Triumph’s all-time favourite enhancers; the Soft Cushion and Aqua bra series.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

The Magic Wire has been incorporated into their all-time favourite Soft Cushion Series

Featuring the well-beloved memory foam, which gently moulds to individual body contours, the Soft Cushion works together with the Magic Wire to lift and shape the bust – for the fantastic and worry-free cleavage every time.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

The Magic Wire makes its appearance in the Aqua series as well

Hailed as one of the best push-up collection in Asia, the famous Aqua Series promises to up bust volume by up to two cup sizes. The natural feel and look of the Aqua Cushions, when matched with the Magic Wire, makes it the best non-invasive option for that visually alluring.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

The Magic Cleavage Collection comes in a spectrum of vibrant colours

The whole collection breathes an air of chic and modern, as it employs a spectrum of vibrant colours and matching lace details. It is a crowd pleaser with everything from lush pastels of soft lemon, powder blue and pretty coral, to more sophisticated shades of midnight navy and rich cerulean.

Triumph Magic Cleavage Singapore Price

It features a range of designs in a range of colours for your choosing

With the Magic Cleavage Collection, Triumph has given the answer to our complaints of discomfort, redness and constant fiddling. The all-in-one package of ultimate comfort and confidence is a godsend to all us girls. The bras are retailing from S$89.90 and panties from $29.90.


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