OWNDAYS offers discount based on Instagram following and post likes

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OWNDAYS at Marina Square

OWNDAYS at Marina Square

For the month of March 2018, OWNDAYS is offering discounts for eyewear based on your Instagram following and post likes. You get S$0.05 discount for every follower that you have and S$0.50 discount for every ‘Like’ on your OWNDAYS post.

OWNDAYS eyewear

OWNDAYS eyewear

Follow these steps to enjoy the OWNDAYS Follower Discount   :

  1. Follow OWNDAYS Instagram Account
  2. Snap a photo in-store on your personal Instagram account with the hashtags #OWNDAYS #owndayssg #owndaysfollowerdiscount #eyewear and make sure your account is public.
  3. Present the screenshot that you are following the OWNDAYS account, your personal Instagram account with the number of followers and your OWNDAYS post with the total number of likes.

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