Galaxy hair DIY oVertone Colour Conditioner review

Review: Be Bold – Do It Yourself With oVertone Colour Conditioners

Galaxy hair DIY oVertone Colour Conditioner review
From blonde to GALAXY

Pink, blue, green and red. I’ve done it all. In all honesty, I was getting bored as much as my wallet was getting dry. It wasn’t an easy task maintaining my frizzy, unkempt bleached locks. Eventually, my roots grew out, and the colours faded. Stuck between wanting to keep my hair growing, and not wanting to go through the dreaded (and expensive) burning sensation of bleaching, I was left with a half-hearted pudding head (roots on top, blonde at the bottom). So, what was I do to? I look to the internet with a fellow coloured-hair aficionado. There, we found oVertone Colour Conditioners.

YouTube tutorials, blogs and Instagram is littered with fans of oVertone. All of them boasted its powerful colour and easy application that is damage-free. It positioned itself as a colour depositing conditioner, with no peroxide, ammonia, alcohols and phenols. No drying out, or rancid chemical odours from the usual dye jobs.



The Good

An Affordable Alternative To Salons

Galaxy hair DIY oVertone Colour Conditioner review
All the items we need for this DIY

And, all at an affordable price point. The full bottle of their Daily Conditioners* (237ML) goes for USD$17 to USD$18, while the sample sizes (60ML) retails for USDS$8.

*They also have another product, Go Deep Weekly Treatment, for colour intensity, and hair glitter, for purely aesthetic purposes. However, for I have only ordered and used the daily conditioners, I will not be mentioning Go Deep or the Hair Glitter.

What enticed us, mostly, was the crazy variety of colours! Catergorised into three types, we could choose between Pastel, Vibrant or Extreme, in a rainbow of colours. Blue, teal, green, red, pink, purple and more extreme options of orange and silver. Or, everything else in between. The formula between bottles blend, allowing me to mix my own shades of pinks, blues and so on.


Vibrant Colours Within Minutes

My adventures with the conditioner ranged from the extreme, using 5 to 6 similar/different shades, to the most basic, 1 or 2 similar shades. Both took less than an hour, mainly due to my inexperience in dying the back of my head. Otherwise, the colour deposits within 5-10 minutes.

The extreme had me facing the world with a vibrant head of “unicorn” hair. Besides the dye, all I had to do was grab some hair clips, hair ties and a DIY hair dye set (S$4.90 from Tokyu Hands, includes gloves, comb and ear covers). Even if you are without the set, all you need is a hard tooth comb.

Tips: Gloves are helpful, but not necessary. The colours are temporary and will wash off when you rinse.

Galaxy hair DIY oVertone Colour Conditioner review
Use home items like potato chip clips to secure your hair

In this case of being overly ambitious, I had the dyes on my hair for 15 to 40 minutes. The time taken to go through each section took a while, especially for a first timer (me).

Eventually, the crazy colours washed off (daily wash, 2 weeks), and I decided to cover it up with a uniform colour. All I did was mix the pink and the red, with my L’Oréal conditioner and slathered it on. My shower was about 10 minutes (or 15 minutes), and that was enough to leave a nice new pink shade.


Lasts For As Long As You Want

As a colour conditioner, the colours do wash off within weeks. While I was not ready to spend another hour fumbling with a dye comb again, my new pink shade was easy to maintain. All I had to do was mix a dollop with my usual hair conditioner and leave it on for a 5 to 10 minutes.


Doubles As A Hair Treatment

And, like the name suggests, it is a conditioner. The daily conditioner did help my tangled, bleached locks smoothen out. Not to mention, the sweet, peppermint aroma that comes with it stayed on for the entire day.

Tip: The Go Deep Weekly Treatment is said to deposit stronger colours and is more nourishing.


The Bad

Only Works On Bleached or Lightened Hair

Sad to say, those with dark hair will have to pass on this. My original dark hair has grown out, and I thought it would make a nice transition if the colour faded in. However, no matter how long I left it on, the colour did not deposit. Not a smidge.


The Verdict

I am more than ready to buy a full bottle of the Daily Conditioner when this current batch runs out. It is affordable, deposits amazing colours and treats my hair right. The lovely peppermint aroma is a great bonus. One thing I would love to improve on my experience is to purchase the Go Deep Weekly Treatment. As it is stronger in both colours and moisturising my hair, I can space out the “DIY colour treatments” to save on time.

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