Sanrio’s Aggretsuko Will Resonate With Those Under Immense Stress

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Aggretsuko is cute and bipolar

Aggretsuko is cute and bipolar

Are working in a stressful environment and feeling underappreciated for your hard work? And you cannot let our your frustrations professionally? Sanrio recently introduced a new character, Aggretsuko, who is exactly just like you. Here’s a quick bio intro of her:

She is a cute Red Panda, working as an office associate in the accounting department of a highly respected trading company. She works in one of the biggest metropolitan areas of Tokyo. It’s always been a dream of hers to work in this field, especially in this part of the city. But in reality, her bosses are unsympathetic and give her harsh deadlines.
She ultimately has become a pushover within the company. When she gets pushed to the limit, she goes out after work and takes out her frustration and stress with heavy metal Karaoke sessions!

During office hours, Aggretsuko is a timid and obedient white collar worker who taking in all those work professionally. But at night, Aggretsuko will vent her daily stress and anger at the karaoke as a heavy metal rocker. That bipolar split personality of Aggretsuko makes it an unusual character from Sanrio who is not a dreamy forever happy character. Instead it has an attitude that many of us can relate to in real life.

Aggretsuko merchandise

Aggretsuko merchandise

In line with Aggretsuko’s job as an office lady aka OL, or in Singapore’s definition, an office executive, the merchandise for Aggretsuko is mainly office stationery like label tags, document folders, notebooks and pens. You can also get the Aggretsuko Blanket to keep warm if office air conditioning is blasting cold. You can readily get these merchandise online via Sanrio’s website or via eBay. Happy shopping and start decorating your office desk with Aggretsuko merchandise.

Or shall we say, Happy New Year.

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