16 Flavours from GODIVA 2017 Gold Discovery Collection To Try

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GODIVA 2017 Gold Discovery Collection Singapore

GODIVA Gold Discovery Collection

Belgian Chocolatier GODIVA has launched its stylish new GODIVA 2017 Gold Discovery collection in Singapore on 1 September 2017.

The GODIVA 2017 Gold Discovery Collection is a modern-day interpretation of GODIVA’s ‘Gold Collection’. The collection is crafted from carefully selected, premium ingredients to create unexpected flavour┬ácombinations including passionfruit and pink pepper, strawberry and lychee and ‘blond’ chocolate. Some pieces in the collection are presented in a stylish array of colours that have been achieved with natural ingredients.



There are 16 different chocolate pieces. My personal favourites include the Elcipse Fraise Litchi – a strawberry and lychee infused white chocolate mousse covered in milk chocolate.

The collection is presented in a contemporary twist to GODIVA’s iconic gold packaging of 6, 9, 15 or 20 pieces priced at S$34, S$51, S$80 and S$105 respectively.


GODIVA 2017 Gold Discovery Collection Singapore

At the GODIVA launch event in Shanghai


Dennis headed down to Shanghai, China on 27 September this year for the launch where he met up with Godiva Chef chocolatiers Philippe Dau and Jean Apostolou. The launch was also graced by Chinese celebrities such as actress and singer Yinger who will be marrying celebrity Fu Xinbo next year, actor and singer Alan Yu made popular from ‘Super Boy’ talent show in 2013 and actress Re Yizha, Watch the video for more.



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