Bakerzin Chinese New Year Delights

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Bakerzin Chinese New Year Delights - Treasure Chicken

Treasure Chicken

For the first time, local stalwart Bakerzin tries its hand at a traditional Chinese New Year Menu, with a twist.

The two-course set menu comes at an economical price of S$18.80++ and comes with a free glass of ice lemon tea. There are two appetisers and mains to choose from and they are all equally good.

Bakerzin Chinese New Year Delights - Properous Prawn

Properous Prawn

The appetisers comprise options such as the Prosperity Prawns and Opulent Salmon. The prawns came with homemade carrot and green papaya pickles, and the dish was given a drizzle of stout reduction. The tanginess of the pickles combined with the stout reduction gave this dish added dimension with the bitter-sweetness.

The Opulent Salmon is a more classic Western dish with smoked salmon and dill, if that is what you prefer.

Bakerzin Chinese New Year Delights - Opulent Salmon

Opulent Salmon

I absolutely loved both the main dishes and to be honest I would not be able to choose between the two. The Fortune Yam is Bakerzin’s rendition of the traditional Hakka abacus dish made of purple yams and yam dumplings. Their version is much softer with a mochi-like texture with fragrant dried shrimps, mushrooms, lotus root and a healthy dose of chilli padi.

Bakerzin Chinese New Year Delights - Fortune Yam

Fortune Yam

Fans of glutinous rice would love the Treasure Chicken. It is a chicken roulade stuffed with glutinous rice, dried shrimp, diced mushrooms and macadamia nuts. But the piece de resistance of this dish is the marmite sauce coating the entire roulade, which brings back memories of a simpler time. A very comforting and familiar dish, indeed.

So, if you don’t feel like a large 10 course Chinese New Year meal, why not opt for Bakerzin’s mini version?


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