Burger King’s A4DABLES Now Includes BK Fish’n Crisp Burger

BK Fish'n Crisp
BK Fish'n Crisp

17 February 2011, Singapore – Burger King has added the new BK Fish’n Crisp burger to their BK A4DABLES menu giving customers more choice including the existing beef and chicken options.

The New BK Fish’n Crisp Burger

Enjoy the new succulent fish fillet topped with melted American cheese, tangy tartar sauce sandwiched by a toasted sesame bun.   Available in à la carte or a Fish’n Crisp medium value meal with medium fries and drink for just S$4.95.

A BK A4DABLES meal starts at S$4.95 and includes a side of medium fries and medium drink.  It is available after breakfast hours from 11am every day.  BK A4DABLES meals are a constant on the Burger King menu so that budget-conscious customers can always enjoy a meal without burning a hole in their pockets.  BK A4DABLES offers one fish, one chicken and three beef meal choices to cater to customer preferences.


Black Pepper Basil Drumlets: extended till 31 March 2011

Top up your BK A4DABLES meals with a finger licking treat with the New Black Pepper Basil Drumlets.  Enjoy the aromatic basil and spicy chicken.  This offer has been extended till 31 Mar 2011!  Priced at $1.95 (2pcs) and $3.90 (4pcs).   Or, add $1.00 to any Value Meals to receive FREE 2pc Black Pepper Basil Drumlets for a truly satisfying meal!  Value Meals come with medium fries and medium drink for a medium value meal / large fries and large drink for a large value meal and not applicable for Airport Staff Meals and Kids Meals


To make a point that BK A4DABLES meals are not over priced,  Burger King has introduced the BK A4DABLES Ouch-Meter in their Facebook fanpage.  You would be able to see the featured BK A4DABLES Meal of the day being compared to an overpriced meal on the right, which is updated daily.  This resembles a speedometer which will move from Wow (Left) to Ouch (Right) to indicate the “pain” of the pinch for the overpriced meal.

To make it fun for you, five selected contributors will each get to win 10 BK Whopper meals worth S$72.50.  Al you have to do is email a photograph, receipt and description of your overpriced meal to [email protected]

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