The Kettle Gourmet - Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam Popcorn

Fish Head Curry and Pulut Hitam Flavoured Popcorn

The Kettle Gourmet has launched two new regional flavours. Pulut Hitam and Fish Head Curry join the Crazy Asian series of other flavours such as Kaya Butter Toast, Chilli Crab, Nasi Lemak and Chilli Floss. The two new Halal-certified flavours are freshly baked. Ingredients with no trans-fat are used.

Fish Head Curry popcorn mimics the taste of the traditional dish. It can now be eaten on the move, at home, in the office or even in the cinema. Pulut Hitam is a dessert commonly enjoyed in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is made from black sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar. It is popular with older consumers.

They are packed in 65g or a family-sized packet of 320g. The Kettle Gourmet has priced them at S$5 for the 65g or S$15 for the family-sized pack. You can get them from Shopee, Lazada, Redmart, GrabFood, PandaMart and Qoo10.

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