Updated Memories - Singapore - The House Collective - Night Hawk - The Wooden Room

Four cocktails from The House Collective’s Updated Memories campaign at Night Hawk till 17 December

The House Collective by Swire Hotels has launched its “Updated Memories” campaign to reconnect with and re-explore different cities after being away for so long.

The House Collective is made up of four different hotel properties called “Houses” in Hong Kong and China. The Upper House is its flagship in Hong Kong. Other properties include The Temple House in Chengdu, The Opposite House in Beijing and The Middle House in Shanghai.

Spacious Guestrooms at The Temple House, Chengdu

“Updated Memories” brings the four Houses and cities to life through music, flavours, and sight. Friends of The House Collective share their memories of time spent at the Houses in their respective artistic mediums, reconnecting with the brand’s global network of travellers.  

With the help of Global creatives Verbal (Ambush), Dr. Woo, Benji B, and Yoyo Cao – collectively coined the Global Nomads, the campaign highlights the four cities of the Houses: Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu. 

The first part of the campaign represents flavours through cocktails. The second component represents the present through visuals where content creators produce short films to depict each city in its current form with monologues by the Global Nomads who share their memories of the Houses and the cities. The third component is the representation of the future through music. Each Global Nomad share music that reminds them of the cities, curated on the premise of what to look forward to. Benji B, a British DJ and music producer, compiles tracks that represent his memories and anticipation of relaxing and winding down at The Opposite House in the heart of Beijing. Dr. Woo, a famed Los Angeles-based tattoo artist, shares the sounds that help him feel at home in The Upper House. 

The House Collective has collaborated with Peter Chua to avail these four bespoke cocktails at his recently opened Night Hawk to represent each of the four properties. These cocktails are available at S$25 each from 6 to 17 December 2022.

Ta Martini, represents The Upper House, with Gin fernet hunter, salted lime and fortified wine. My favourite of the four was the Pepper Bazaar which represents The Temple House in Chengdu, a property I visited in 2015 when it just opened. The cocktail contains mezcal, vanilla, strawberry, bell peppers, citrus and passion fruit. The Shanghai Coffee Highball represents The Middle House, containing vodka, coconut, coffee and tonic. The Wooden Room, a representation of The Opposite House, contains fino sherry, vetiver gris, basil, bergamot and floral vermouth.

Updated Memories - Singapore - The House Collective - Night Hawk - Coasters
Limited quantities of Coasters given to guests who purchase any of the four cocktails

Get a special gift and a printed cocktail menu linking to the digital zine that guests to explore the “Updated Memories” microsite. On this digital zine, the House Collective brings together short films, playlists and the various “Updated Memories” of the Global Nomads.

Guests who purchase the cocktail at the pop-up get a chance to win a two-night stay at any of the four properties when they post a photo on Instagram of their favourite cocktail and follow the hotel on IG.

Apart from Singapore, these cocktails will also be available globally through other “Updated Memories” pop-ups at iconic bars in cities where friends of The House Collective can be found. The first was held at Temple Bar in New York in November.

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