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Lim Kee Pau Steamed buns bao SG food maker singapore

Lim Kee Pau steamed buns

It is 7am. While many of us are just beginning the day, this marks the final hour of Lim Kee Food Manufacturing’s daily pau (steamed buns) production. Founded in the 1980’s, Lim Kee’s committed production team works from 11pm till daybreak, making the freshest paus that are delivered to coffee shops and canteens across Singapore – just in time to greet the hungry breakfast crowd.

These paus offer quick and tasty breakfast treats for all walks of life. To keep things tasty, the folks at Lim Kee make everything from scratch using only the finest ingredients, such as premium sugar from Australia and meat specially selected and flown in from Europe and America. Now we know how the quality and consistency of the paus are kept.

Lim Kee Pau Steamed buns bao SG food maker singapore

Pau making assembly line

Even though the production is JUST ENOUGH and JUST IN TIME for daily orders, Lim Kee can make more than 100,000 buns a day in its Woodlands factory to meet high season demands, with just 40 production staff – thanks to modern automated processes and techniques.

Even with so much experience and dedication to making quality paus, the business constantly innovates to keep up with modern tastes. In 2012, it collaborated with Singapore Polytechnic’s Food Innovation & Resource Centre , creating healthier choice wholemeal paus, made with whole grain dough, to reach out to health-conscious Singaporeans. Rich in antioxidants, these come in exclusive fillings like Yam, Pumpkin and Salted Tau Sar, which are delicious and not found in traditional white paus.

Lim Kee Pau Steamed buns bao SG food maker singapore

Lim Kee retail packs for supermarkets

To make its paus more accessible while meeting the needs of busy Singaporeans, Lim Kee has also started selling retail packs of mini paus and assorted rice products in local supermarkets. So now, all of us can enjoy these simple treats in the comfort of our own homes, anytime of the day.

Lim Kee Pau Steamed buns bao SG food maker singapore

Quick & Easy ready snacks for our homes

As you can probably tell by now, the food manufacturing sector in Singapore has continued to innovate over the years. Local food manufacturing companies like Lim Kee are embracing the latest technology and rigorous R&D, so that employees can continue to upskill themselves and advance to value-added roles.

Do you have a passion for food? If so, have you considered joining the food manufacturing sector? The industry inviting Singaporeans who know our roots to come up with exciting new products and concepts for traditional food that will appeal to modern consumers, and eventually, even make it to the global stage with worldwide exports.

Lim Kee Pau Steamed buns bao SG food maker singapore

Lim Kee Pau mini paus are cute & tasty

For those who want to make a mark and shape the future of our local (and even global) food scene, a career in food manufacturing could offer wonderful opportunities to create bold new food solutions. How about making an impact to people’s everyday lives with ‘MADE IN SINGAPORE’ food products?

Interested? Get a behind-the-scenes look at our food factories here: @SGFoodMakers

*This entry is sponsored by SG Food Makers.

SG Food Makers is a project to enhance Singaporeans’ perception of the local food manufacturing sector, with the goal of encouraging more Singaporeans who have a passion for food to consider a career in this promising industry.

In Singapore, we make food, better.

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