Maison Ikkoku Launches Semi-alfresco Cocktail Bar

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Maison Ikkoku

Maison Ikkoku


23 February 2012, Singapore – Maison Ikkoku’s newly launched semi-alfresco cocktail bar completes its  unique three-in-one concept of café, boutique and bar. The newest bar offers a captivating view of the Singapore’s skyline with the city’s iconic architectural landmarks.

The 1,000 sq ft rooftop bar offers a relaxed and cosy respite from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. The indoor space is a eclectic mix of brick walls painted white and exposed industrial copper piping amidst lush cushioned  seating.

To mark the launch of Maison Ikkoku’s cocktail bar, mixologist Ethan Leslie Leong  has collaborated with three personalities, namely renowned Show producer Daniel Boey, award-winning Art Director Justin Long, and singer-songwriter Aarika Lee to create 3 distinctive bespoke cocktails. The pineapple and pomegranate based cocktail, The Dream Catcher represents Aarika Lee, while the red apple, mint, lemon and pomegranate  cocktail, Fabulous Diana V represents Daniel Boey. The orange juice and banana based cocktail A Long Cocktale, was inspired by Justin Long.

Long Cocktale by Justin Long

Long Cocktale inspired by award-winning Art Director Justin Long

MI1 White French Maid that is concocted with Coffee Liquor comes with a foamy top toasted with a blow torch. The result is a firm and slightly crunchy texture at the first sip, before the sweet coffee mixture takes over your palette. While the cocktail is similar to the White Russian cocktail, mixologist Ethan added French Caramel Liquor to this signature cocktail, giving it more body and flavor to satisfy the tastebuds of modern cocktail lover.

MI1 White French Maid

MI1 White French Maid

MI2 Passionate Moment also known as the ‘Flame of Rosemary’ is a visual delight. Served with a stalk of rosemary sprayed with high proof grain spirit and set on fire to extract the flavor of the herb. The passionfruit, rosemary and lemon makes this a refreshing drink for a hot and sunny day.

MI2 Passionate Moment

MI2 Passionate Moment

While you are out at the semi-alfresco bar having a couple of drinks after a long hard day, be sure to ask for their truly addictive Spam Fries that is not on their menu.

Spam Fries

Spam Fries

Maison Ikkoku’s cocktail bar is closed on Sundays.

Where: 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore 198885


Read about the cafe here.


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