NOW Noodles - Mentaiko Noodles

It’s Now or Never – Irresistible Noodle Dishes

NOW Noodles - Mentaiko Noodles
NOW Noodles+ – Three-Egg Udon ©

We’ve previously introduced NOW Noodles+ on which opened in quarter four of 2016. Located at the second level of Square 2 mall between Novena Square and Tan Tock Seng Hospital, NOW Noodles serves up a menu of noodle dishes with a local twist.

What sounds like a simple dish of Dry Mee Tai Mak with century eggs, dried shrimp and eggs or a dry version of the familiar soupy Laksa or Mee Siam actually offers diners here robust flavours and some ‘wok hei’ to go along with the very refreshing lemongrass drink that is boiled every day so that diners here get a fresh serving.

In an attempt to whet more appetites and offer slightly more variety of dishes, NOW Noodles has introduced some new dishes.

The three-egg udon (photo above S$14.80) feature organic udon served with mentaiko & ikura topped with an onsen egg and spring onion. The noodles are served in a mentaiko sauce.

NOW Noodles - Tomato soup based marcaroni with onsen egg and luncheon meat
Tomato based Marcaroni with onsen egg and luncheon meat ©

The tomato based macaroni with onsen egg and luncheon meat (S$9.80) was introduced into the menu for the weekends because families enjoy the relaxed environment. This rendition of the popular Hong Kong teahouse (茶餐厅)dish was inspired by chef’s many travels to the Pearl of the Orient.


NOW Noodles - Buah Keluak Pasta
Buah Keluak Pasta ©

The Buah Keluak Pasta (S$11.80) will definitely ruffle some feathers from the Peranakan community. Pappardelle is used for this dish and the buah keluak is mixed with minced pork and spices creating a more worldly version. This is their ode to the Peranakan’s love for buah keluak.


Noodles in Soup

NOW Noodles - Sliced Fish Noodle soup
Sliced Fish Noodle soup ©

The sliced fish noodle soup (S$8.80) is the second soupy noodle to be recently introduced at NOW Noodles. I don’t have to only depend on the very hearty Heng Hua Noodles Soup.

Chef has chosen to serve his sliced fish noodle soup with slices of snakehead, because it offers the best texture and goes well with light soups.  The river fish doesn’t have a sandy taste associated with freshwater fish.

What makes this dish a must try is the generous addition of deep fried dried soul-fish shavings.

Now Noodles+ - Heng Hua Noodles Soup
Heng Hua Noodles Soup ©

The Heng Hua Noodles Soup (S$9.80) has been my all-time favourite wet weather dish. It is served with a generous portion of chicken, eggs, lily buds and wood-ear fungus in chicken and ginger broth.

Crispy Duck with Bee Hoon

NOW Noodles - Crispy Duck (Half Portion for two)
Crispy Duck (Half Portion for two) ©

This is one helluva ugly duck but don’t let looks fool you. Looks awfully dry, but the meat is so tender. The duck is marinated with five-spice, garnished with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and spring onion, and served with vermicelli. The bee hoon is stir-fried with duck-fat which adds that special flavour to the noodles. Check out our Places in Singapore to enjoy Duck story as well.


NOW Noodles - Crispy Duck (Half Portion for two)
Crispy Duck (Half Portion for two) ©

Half a duck is available for two to three people at S$32. For four to five people, get the whole duck is available at S$56. The crispy duck is available during dinner only on weekdays or all day during weekends.


NOW Noodles+ is located at 10 Sinaran Drive, #02-65 Square 2, Singapore 307506.

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