Oyster Festival returns to PUTIEN till 31 March 2021

It is Oyster season at PUTIEN. These fresh and sweet oysters are back since 6 November 2020 till 31 March 2021. For a limited time, you can enjoy any two Oyster Festival dishes at a bundle price of S$29.90.

There are seven dishes in this year’s Oyster Festival menu. An all-new highlight is a traditional Fujian street snack of Oyster Pancake (3 for S$5.90). These pancakes are crispy on the outside. Bit into these pancakes to unveil a generously filling of two freshly shucked oysters, cabbage, celery, chopped green onions, fried garlic, carrots and dried baby shrimps.

Any newbie this year is the Basil Braised Oyster (from S$16.90). This uniquely herbal dish is prepared with onions, fried garlic and oyster sauce and can be paired with a light-bodied and sweet sake. The ‘ghost’ sake is available at a special discount of 20% for a 150ml bottle at S$20 with every Oyster Festival dish ordered.

The Pan-fried Oyster Bee Hoon (from S$16.90) is an absolute delight. Thin strands of fragrant and springy Heng Hwa Bee Hoon is sautéed on low heat. Egg sauce is drizzled and then finished with fresh oysters and pork belly. The noodles are golden crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. Have this with the PUTIEN Spice Mum Chilli Sauce.

Other dishes include the Seasoned Fresh Oyster (from S$16.90) that is seasoned with salt and ginger, Jiangkou Hometown Oyster Soup (from S$16.90), PUTIEN Crispy Oysters (from S$16.90) or Seaweed Oyster with Fried Eggs (from S$16.90).

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