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PUTIEN Debuts Shang Yang Tai Premium Baijiu in Singapore

PUTIEN, Singapore-founded Chinese restaurant and six-time Michelin-starred winner, has partnered with award-winning Chinese Baijiu expert Shang Yang Tai to launch a unique premium baijiu that is culturally inspired for connoisseurs and discerning collectors. PUTIEN is Shang Yang Tai’s sole distributor in Singapore and will offer Fujian cuisine and baijiu appreciation at all its restaurants and retail venues within its network.

The 100 ml bottle is priced at S$79++ while the 500ml bottle is priced at S$379++.

Shang Yang Tai is available at PUTIEN restaurants
<sup><kbd>Shang Yang Tai is available at PUTIEN restaurants<kbd><sup>

The newly launched premium Chinese baijiu is crafted by Moufans Commune’s master brewers who have over ten years of industry experience. The 53% ABV baijiu is made from a meticulously selected aging base blend from Maotai Town in Guizhou Province where the specific microclimate creates the perfect conditions for baijiu distillery.

<em><sup><kbd>Putien photo<kbd><sup><em>

Sixteen core technologies have been implemented to complement the traditional Jiang-flavour Chinese baijiu brewing techniques with special attention paid to monitor 98 critical control points. The product is stored at a constant temperature in special pottery jars to enhance its alluring alcoholic aroma. Shang Yang Tai is blended to showcase the liquor’s flavourful body as well as its characteristically pure and elegant taste.

The Shang Yang Tai brand is inspired by Chinese poet Li Bai and his sole surviving artwork. Shangyangtai Script is the one and only original calligraphy work still in existence out of one thousand poems written by Li Bai. It bears the seals and annotations of Emperor Huizong of the Song dynasty, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty as well as other significant historical intellectuals. The characters of Tang Dynasty and the aesthetics of Song Dynasty are featured in the product design.

PUTIEN was first founded 20 years ago and has many awards and accolades in its name locally and internationally. My family and I love the food here as well and always return to eat the same loved dishes. Mr Fong Chi Chung, PUTIEN’s founder believes in using only premium quality ingredients to create excellent gourmet experiences for diners.

Enjoy the best of Fujian flavours, Mr. Fong is on the constant quest for fine wines and liquors to enhance appreciation of his cuisine.

“Culinary excellence and continuous innovation have been essential to our brand story since PUTIEN’s founding in 2000. We are unapologetic about our demand for the finest ingredients and complementary beverage selection to create an indulgent dining experience. Shang Yang Tai has a sweet, soft bodied, mellow, elegant taste, and pleasant lingering aftertaste. I could not get enough of it when I first tried it and decided to introduce the brand to Singapore, so that more gourmets can enjoy this exceptional baijiu with friends. Shang Yang Tai’s three brand pillars of ‘selection, storage, and blending’ ensure the premium quality of the final product, making it an excellent choice for collection and investment.” 

Mr. Fong Chi Chung, Founder of PUTIEN

The palatable, mellow and elegant flavour profile of Shang Yang Tai offers a beautiful pairing with dishes. You can pour the bai jiu in the Buddha Jumps over the Wall or pair it with starters such as the Seaweed mixed with Mini Shrimp, Ah Yuan Fragrant Herbal Chicken and Braised Pig Intestine.

And we got to taste the Shang Yang Tai Ice Cream which proves to be a dangerous dessert because after a few spoonfuls, I could feel the effects of the high ABV baijiu.

Try it for yourself. Visit a PUTIEN restaurant with your friends and family and savour the

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