The annual Putien Duotou Clams season returns with a special 2 dish price.

Putien has brought back the juicy delectable Duotou razor clams with nine dishes on the menu. 130 tonnes of Duotou Clams are sold exclusively at Putien every year. Dish prices range from S$22.80 to S$28.80. But if you order two dishes, there is a special combo price of S$43.80.

These clams are grown quietly for half a year in a fertile bed of pure nutrient-rich black mud in the Duotou village of Putian. The rising heat of Summer allows the clams to reach their peak. The clams have reached around six cm long and are ready for harvesting which is done by hand to preserve the natural environment. Farmers from this village supply Putien, the official promoter of Duotou Clams. This small fishing village has been rearing clams for over 600 years in this special black mud that is rich in minerals, brine algae and organic matter. These Chinese Razor Clams are also known as Agemaki clams when harvested in other parts of the world. However, the combination of the mud and salt from the shores of Duotou Village cultivate these clams sweeter and fatter than anywhere else.

Enjoy the favourite Salt-baked Duotou Clams which is the classic way Putian locals cook it. The original sweetness of the clams are preserved and Szechuan Peppercorns are added to give added flavoured and umami to these delicious clams. I particularly enjoyed the Duotou Clams Steeped in Icy Lees. The cold dish is light on the palate. Fermented wine from the heady wine lees and the flavours of the clam go so well.

The Steamed Duotou Clams with Minced Garlic is another not to be missed classic. The Duotou Clams baked in Fujian Old Wine are also perfect for sharing. Fujian Old Wine and clams are added into a pot of steam.

Putien Spicy Fried Duotou (S.80)
<em><sup>Spicy Fried Duotou S$2680<sup><em>

New dish on the menu this year is the Spicy Fried Duotou Clams (S$26.80). This Sichuan inspired spicy dish is toasted over a high fire with dried chillis.

Enjoy the Red Mushroom Duotou Clam Soup where plump flesh of Duotou clams are cooked with Red Mushrooms right at your dining table. The natural colour of these mushrooms turns the clear soup into a beautiful opaque maroon that is also full of flavours with each mouthful.

There are also fried options. The Scrambled Eggs with Duotou Clams is a familiar resemblance to oyster omelette while the Salt & Pepper Duotou Clams is deep fried with a light coating pf punchy seasoning. Tea tree mushrooms are added, giving this dish the unintended impression of the presence octopus tentacles.

Putian Farmhouse Clam Soup (S.80)
<em><sup>Putian Farmhouse Clam Soup S$2880<sup><em>

Another traditional homely dish is the Putian Farmhouse Clam Soup which is perfect for those who enjoy the delicate freshness of the clams in a heartwarming soup.

Duotou clams are available at all Putien outlets islandwide while stocks last.

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