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Refreshing Drinks to Cool You This Summer

Starbucks new Frappuccinos - Hojicha & Tea Jelly (left) and Red Bean + Green Tea (right)
Starbucks new Frappuccinos – Hojicha & Tea Jelly (left) and Red Bean + Green Tea (right)


29 June 2012, Singapore – As we busk in the summer heat, enjoying the bright, sunny and warm weather, check out the new refreshing drinks that Starbucks and Gloria Jean’s Coffees have prepared to celebrate this hot season.


Starbucks Singapore introduced 2 new Frappuccinos – Hojicha + Tea Jelly and Red Bean + Green Tea. The Red Bean + Green Tea Frappuccino gives you all the goodness of your favourite Green Tea Frap with a generous dose of sweet Azuki beans. For lovers for red beans, this is truly a treat. For something new and innovative, try the Hojicha + Tea Jelly. Hojicha is roasted Japanese green tea where the roasting changes the leaf colour from green to light reddish-brown and gives it a more toasty, caramel-like flavour.  The jelly is made from Starbucks own Tazo Earl Grey tea. This combination gives a nice unique taste and feel.

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Gloria Jeans Exotic Summer

Gloria Jean’s Coffees rolled out 2 new refreshing fruity ice-blends. The Pink Grapefruit & Mango Chiller (Regular $6.50) is a blend of fresh mango puree and pink grapefruit syrup while the Pink Grapefruit & Berry Chiller (Regular S$6.50) is a mix of strawberry puree with a dose of grapefruit. Both these exotic fruit blends give a good balance of the sweetness from the mango or strawberry, with the citrus taste of grapefruit.

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If new flavours don’t excite you, check out homegrown Toastbox who is heating up the summer with a promotion to win a date with radio DJs Wen Hong, Xiao Zhu, Jian Wen and Ah Ken from 100.3FM plus special discounts. From now till 30 July 2012, purchase any Kopi item and get 1 stamp. Collect 5 stamps for your chance to meet the DJs (entries to be sent in via SMS by 15 July 2012). Plus collect 3 / 6 / 8 stamps for discount of $1 / $2 / $6 off their Peanut Butter Spread, Coffee Powder and Coffee Brew respectively.

Toastbox Coffee

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