#savefnbsg Coalition of over 500 Restaurants Appeal to Prime Minister to Help the F&B Industry

The #savefnbsg ground up movement is a coalition of over 500 restaurants ranging from independent restaurant operations to groups, banded together to support each other in this COVID-19 crisis as Singapore’s F&B industry hits rock bottom like never before.

On 24 March 2020, Peng Loh of Unlisted Collection and Beppe De Vito of IlLido Group invited other restauranteurs to come together and share information and show support during this trying times. This community has grown organically to represent over 500 restaurants in less than a week and continues to grow.

Today, the community sent a letter of appeal to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in response to the crushing effects the F&B industry has suffered during the COVID-19 epidemic.

The appeal letter presents data that shows the staggering impact on the F&B industry and that businesses are on the brink of collapse. In response to this critical situation, the #savefnbsg community has stated in the letter of appeal to the Prime Minister that it is imperative the below actions by implemented swiftly:

  1. Pressure landlords to provide immediate reliefs
  2. Landlord to implement a no base rent, pure GTO rent of up to 15%
  3. An increased Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) to 75%
  4. Efficient workforce guidelines
  5. Waiver of foreign worker levy
  6. Support for closure

Below is the letter that was sent to the Prime Minister.

Check out our list of F&B offering deliveries or takeaways here.

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