Singaporeans Spend An Average Of US$198 On Dining Each Month

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Singapore Ranked First in South East Asia For Dining Out Spend

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Singapore once again ranked first as the top spenders on dining out in South East Asia and dropped to second place for Asia. Based on a MasterCard survey conducted between October and November 2013 with 7,932 respondents aged 18 – 64 in 16 Asia Pacific countries, Singapore consumers spent an average of US$198 a month on dining out in 2013. Declining from the average spent of US$262 in 2012.

With an average monthly dining out spend of US$218, Hong Kong diners spent 10% more than their Singapore counterparts, while Singapore consumers spent 8.8% more than the average person in Thailand (US$182).

98% of Singaporean have dined at restaurants, food courts/hawker centres and pubs/bars in the last six months. With 12% plan to dine out at more expensive venues.

When it comes to exploring new dining options, Singapore consumers tend to firstly depend on word-of-mouth recommendations (49%) from their peers and relatives, followed by online reviews (46%). Locals love their dining deals – over two-thirds revealed that they enquire if any card promotions are available at bill payment, while over a third said that before heading out, they check online for any card promotions (38%) and purchase dining discounts on coupon sites and apps (31%).


Rank Asia PacificMarket Spend (US$)
1 Hong Kong 218
2 Singapore 198
3 Thailand 182
4 Taiwan 166
5 Japan 165
6 China 163
7 Australia 162
8 South Korea 161
9 Malaysia 151
10 New Zealand 103
11 Vietnam 92
12 Philippines 58
13 India 48
14 Myanmar 46
15 Bangladesh 36
16 Indonesia 20
Average spend $140

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