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Great Eastern S$1 million GREAT Vaccine Fund Offers Hospitalisation Coverage due to COVID-19 Vaccination

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Great Eastern has set aside S$1 million for the GREAT Vaccine Fund providing a daily hospital cash benefit of S$300 per day up to seven days if hospitalisation is necessary because of COVID-19 vaccinations. This coverage is valid for three months from the date of the first dose of Health Sciences Authority-approved vaccinations. This Fund is valid till end-December 2021 or when the fund is fully utilised, whichever is earlier.

The GREAT Vaccine Fund will be available to its customers including Dependants’ Protection Scheme and Eldershield plans policyholders. until end-December 2021 or when the fund is fully utilised, whichever is earlier.

Great Eastern also extends hospitalisation cover and/or inpatient treatment arising from all vaccinations (including Covid-19) for policyholders for its medical plans. To find out which other insurers in Singapore offers this hospitalisation coverage, check out our previous post.

Customers of these Great Eastern’s medical plans will automatically enjoy this hospitalisation cover.

  • GREAT SupremeHealth
  • GREAT SupremeHealthStandard
  • GREAT TotalHealth
  • GREAT TotalHealthPlus
  • GREAT TotalCare
  • GREAT TotalCarePlus
  • Premier Health Plan
  • Hospital & Surgery Protector
  • Hospital & Surgical Insurance
  • Supreme MediCash
  • Hospital Cash Protector
  • HospitalisationBenefit Provision
  • Hospital Income Benefit Rider
  • Lifetime Hospital Benefits Rider
  • MaxHealth
  • MaxHealth Vantage
  • Premier MediCash
  • Prestige Global MediCare

[Updated 21 January 2021} Great Eastern has expanded to cover customer’s immediate family members, employees and financial representatives and their respective immediate members.

Great Eastern will also support its employees who decide to take Covid-19 vaccinations with:

  • A day off on the day of each vaccination
  • Private taxi/Grab reimbursement to/from the vaccination clinics
  • Two days of medical leave without the need to provide a medical certificate, in the event of side effects from vaccinations
  • Reimbursement of medical fees for treating any side effects from vaccinations
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