PRUPanel Connect Health Screening (Screen grab from Prudential Singapore LinkedIn Page)

Prudential Partners MyDoc to offer Health Screenings at Clinics or At Home

Lab Test at Innoquest on Level 7 Royal Square Medical Centre
Lab Test at Innoquest on Level 7 Royal Square Medical Centre

Health screenings are important and often overlooked. But we can lower the risk of serious health complications through regular health screenings and early intervention. Prudential Singapore has partnered MyDoc, named 2020 Singapore Telehealth Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan, earlier this month to offer specially-priced Health Screening packages as a new value-added service to some 300,000 PRUPanel Connect policyholders.

Prudential PRUPanel Connect
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The PRUPanel Connect value-added service is offered to PRUExtra Premier, PRUExtra Premier CoPay and PRUExtra Preferred CoPay customers. Other exclusive services for this group of customers include access to specialists under PRUPanel Connect partner hospitals and day surgery centres, onsite concierge service at Raffles Hospital and Mt Alvernia Hospital, cashless & pre-authorisation with a higher letter of the guarantee amount as well as a stop-loss benefit for CoPay plans, where you only need to pay a maximum of S$3,000 per policy year if you visit a participating specialist or seek treatment at a PRUPanel Connect hospital or day surgery centre. Customers will also receive a complimentary transport voucher or hospital parking coupon that is issued for day surgery or inpatient admission at participating PRUPanel Connect private hospitals and day surgery centres.

Scouting for a health screening has been an arduous task. There are so many different types of packages offered including Executive Health Screenings that are can be priced as high as over S$2,000. So this has come in at an appropriate time as a first step without breaking the bank.

MyDoc Health Screening Packages

PRUPanel Connect Health Screening (Screen grab from Prudential Singapore LinkedIn Page)
<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>PRUPanel Connect Health Screening Screen grab from Prudential Singapore LinkedIn Page<sup><span><em>

Four health screening packages are available and are very reasonably priced for lab tests ranging from S$5 to S$170 for screenings at on-site clinics. Home-based screenings are also available starting from S$125 to S$220. The Basic tier tests for Glucose, Coronary Risk and Cardiac profile as well as Blood Pressure and BMI measurements. This is similar to the Screen For Life screening for those aged 40 to 49.

Health Screening Packages BasicIntermediateExecutiveDeluxe
PRICE – On-site ClinicsS$5S$75S$120S$170
PRICE – Home-BasedNAS$125S$170S$220
CoverageRecommended for all age groups, a basic health screening for diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol levels, should be done on a regular basisAn upgrade to the basic health screening covering various blood profiles and specific investigations, excludes cancer marker testsBasic and advanced tests including some tumour markers to detect specific cancersComprehensive tests, helpful in detecting a wide array of male and female health-related conditions

Click here to view the full suite of tests for each package.

Step 1 – Check whether you qualify for PRUPanel Connect. Enter last four digits of your NRIC or Passport, Date of Birth, gender and mobile number. If you are eligible, you will be be able o download your PRUPanel Connect E Card on the next screen.

Step 2 – Click on the Health Screening tab and a MyDoc tab will appear on the screen. Click on that and you will be able to apply for MyDoc Health Screening.

Step 3 – Key in your details and choose Home-based or on-site clinics health screening.

Step 4 – Select your health screening package.

Step 5 – Pick your residential region and preferred date for your on-site health screening (at least 10 days in advance). For home-based appointments, select your preferred date and time for health screening or flu vaccination.

Step 6 – MyDoc will send you an email with the invoice. Full payment must be made via Credit Card, PayNow or Bank Transfer to MyDoc at least five working days prior to the date of your health screening appointment. The health screening package is valid for three months from the date that MyDoc has received payment.

Step 7 – Fast for at least 12 hours prior to health screening. If you are on medication for chronic illness, you can continue to take that prior to the health screening.

Step 8 – Present your PRUPanel Connect eCard and Identity Card for verification and identification on the day of your Health Screening.

Step 9 – The health screening report will be sent to your email within five to seven working days from the date of your testing.

Step 10 – Download the Pulse by Prudential mobile app and review the results with a certified General Practitioner on the app.

Lab Test tips

Collect stool collection bottle in advance
<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>Collect stool collection bottle in advance<sup><span><em>

We have a few tips of advice for you to prepare for your lab test. Call the clinic or lab centre or email MyDoc ahead of your appointment and check if you can collect the stool sample collection bottle if the health screening package you have chosen involves stool occult tests. This allows you poop in the comfort of your toilet at home before heading to the clinic or lab. I had to because I could not poop on demand.

Collecting stool
<em><span class=has inline color has cyan bluish gray color><sup>Collecting stool<sup><span><em>

To collect your stool, place a few layers of toilet paper as show above. Make sure you do not contaminate your stool with your pee. After that collect a sample of stool the size of a ten cent coin with the spoon in the bottle. Make sure your bottle is properly labelled at the clinic.

We chose to go to the Innoquest lab at Level 7 of Royal Square Medical Centre between Square 2 and Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena. That was quite central for us so we could head down to collect the stool collection kit on a Saturday for our lab test on Monday. On Monday, the clinician took four vials of blood after taking our weight, height and blood pressure. Everything was done swiftly and almost painless. The last step was to collect urine sample and we were done.

The lab results came back faster than we expected. Within three days MyDoc sent us the results via email. What’s left was to make an appointment with the doctor on the PULSE by Prudential App to explain to us the results and next steps.

Download the PULSE by Prudential App

Download the PULSE by Prudential app because you will need it for the teleconsultation with a MyDoc doctor to review your health screen lab results. The results will be emailed to you within five to seven days after the health screening. If any follow-up care is required, you will be referred to a PRUPanel Connect Specialist.

Home Based Flu Vaccination Services

Home-based Flu Vaccination Services are also offered as an add on to the Health Screening Packages or on a standalone basis. Qualified nurses will administer the home-based vaccination anytime between 9 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

Number of people per locationPrice inclusive of GST per person
1 personS$40
2 personS$37
3 people or moreS$35

The insurer is celebrating its 90th anniversary in Singapore this year. It has also been in partnership with MyDoc for its PULSE mobile app.

If you are not an existing PRUShield customer or do not have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP), you can purchase online or speak to a financial advisor. Prudential has made it easy to understand with three categories to pick from – Standard, Plus and Premier. For the Plus and Premier categories, options for a supplementary plan with what is covered are clearly indicated so you can decide what works for you. Supplementary plans cover a portion of the deductible and co-insurance

If you get the PRUShield Premier and PRUExtra supplementary plans before end September 2021, you enjoy 20% off your first-year premium.

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