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OCBC Cashflo Card – 0% Auto Installment & Win S$100 Epicentre gift vouchers


OCBC Cashflo Card
OCBC Cashflo Card

14 September 2012, Singapore – OCBC recently launched their latest innovative credit card product Cashflo offering you the convenience of automatic installment payment anywhere in the world you spend that helps you spread your payments over three months interest free.   There are no forms to fill whenever you wish to activate the installment payment feature.  All you need to do is to indicate a minimum amount before the installment feature kicks in at the time you sign up for your card.  And you can set the minimum amount that triggers the installment feature from S$100.  To top it off, you also earn tiered cash rebates from 0.3% to 1% based on the amount spent on your Cashflo card, which you could use to offset your monthly bills.

Together with OCBC, is giving away S$100 EPICENTRE Gift Vouchers to FIVE lucky readers.  Read on to find out how.
Tech Gadgets

Now you can pick up the latest electronics gadgets that you always wanted and enjoy interest free payments.  Imagine being one of the first few to own the recently announced iPhone 5 or Sony’s RX1  full frame compact digital camera or Nikon’s D600 Full Frame DSLR Camera?

Participating Merchants

And if you spend at any of OCBC Cashflo participating merchants, you will enjoy a 6-month payment plan.

OCBC Cashflo Card - Participating Merchants

USP of the OCBC Cashflo card


To apply click here.



Win S$100 Epicentre Gift Vouchers

Five lucky readers get to win S$100 Epicentre Gift Vouchers each.    Just tell us what is that one thing you always wanted and would buy with your OCBC Cashflo card in the comments section below and we will pick five interesting ones on 15 October 2012.  Winners will be notified by email and on our Facebook Page on 20 October.  Prizes need to be collected by 31 October 2012.

Please like our Facebook Page by clicking here and fill in your entry in the comments section at the end of this post.

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  5. I would use the OCBC Cashflo card to buy a surveillance camera. Our neighbourhood area is somewhat unsafe with a couple of burglary cases. The camera would come in handy for security purpose.

    Besides, recently our main door & corridor outside had recently been splashed with dirty water several times recently. We want to find out who the culprit is. My dad thinks it is the naughty boy who lives on our next door. I think it is the lady living below our unit as she’s a temperamental lady who shouts at us whenever we accidentally dropped our laundry into her unit.

    My dad & I have a bet on who’s right, and the surveillance camera shall be the judge! Whoever loses will foot the bill for the camera. Just in case my dad gets it right, the Cashflo card can at least ease my finances with its useful installment scheme!

  6. A convection oven!
    Why? I do not know how to cook but I’m lucky to have a caring & doting wife who has always whipped up delicious meals which satisfy my stomach! Currently she is out of town for a few months. I’ve been secretly reading some baking books and the oven would come in handy for me to hone my baking skills. I really hope to master the skills of baking muffins & cupcakes quickly so that I can surprise her with my delicious delicacies when she returns… I wanna prove to her that I can cook too!

  7. Hong Jingting

    With the OCBC Cashflo card, I would like go use it to buy the appleTV and VGA adaptor ! so that I can fully utilize my iPad on TV! Have always been very interested to see how iPad can connect to the big TV screen via these smart accessories! & Epi center voucher is all I need now! thank you!

  8. I would bring my parents on a trip to Hong Kong using the card. The old folks need a break as they have been tolling all their life.

  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Brazil, so I’ve always been lingering on SQ’s website toying with booking Sao Paolo! Maybe this $100 will get me travel insurance, lah… ;o)

  10. I would love to bring my two boys Muhammad aedan, 2 and Muhammad afeez, 1 for a trip to Disneyland @ Hong Kong after constantly putting up with me shouting at them whenever they misbehave.

  11. Jacky Chong

    I would buy the new iPhone 5 cover / iPad cover / my wife’s iPhone4S cover ‘cos she keeps thinking it’s unfair that I’ve iPhone 5 but she doesn’t. Pity me!

  12. I would consider my options on the Cashflo Card, seeing that OCBC has been such an industry leading bank to have develop a Credit Card which really allows for one to stretch his credit to the fullest whilst enjoying the immense benefits of interest-free installments.

    I will decide on making an overseas currency transaction of at least $6k SGD equivalent, and than set the trigger to allow me to pay over 6 months since this is a foreign currency transaction, each month’s installment would be $1000 and that would also entitle me to a 1% rebate which means for my $6k SGD spend in foreign currency not only would I be receiving 6 months free installment, I would be also rewarded with 1% rebate which would mean a furthur savings of $60!! Hows that, saving $60 and allowing the transaction to spread over 6 months, that’s industry leading!!

    Ta Dang… what can I buy overseas that cost much cheaper than Singapore? I would shop for a nice Panerai Watch in Hong Kong when I am there for my holidays in early November, and buy myself an early Christmas Present.

    Savings on Watch –> Checked
    Affordable Installments –> Checked
    Additional $60 Rebate Savings –> Checked

    Able to buy myself a nice watch to reward myself for the year’s work, and also have it comfortably spread out in 6 installments would be the an ideal gift for myself and this would be made possible with OCBC’s Cashflo Card.

    Now where else can you get rewards for installment plans?

  13. I always wanted a new tablet and luggage to accompany me in my travels to exotic places! And with OCBC cashflow funding my travels becomes easier and all i need now is to get more days off from work!

  14. I will use OCBC Cashflo to buy a tour package with Chan Brothers to Spain and Portual. din managed to go during my honeymoon (so sad rite?). its been 3 yrs since i last step out of SG ( not even JB) or even breathe the Changi Airport air-con (OMG)- Back then i was pregnant and currently a stay-home mum taking care of chores and my 2++yrs old kid. Totally need a break with my BFF for a 14Days getaway! Pls send me a OCBC fairgod mother to grant me my wish!

  15. I will splurge on a weekend stay with my wife at Raffles Hotel, Praslin

  16. Sigh I am so outdated. Still using non-smart phone. So hopefully can win the Epicentre vouchers and apply for the OCBC Cashflo so that i can finally get myself an iphone without having to burn a big hole in my pocket! *dreaming*

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  18. I would use the OCBC Cashflo to purchase the uDivine App massage chair so that my whole family can relax when they come back after a tiring day at work.

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  20. I have been wanting to buy the Nikon D600 for quite some time, so as to polish up my photography skills. Now’s the chance to do so!

  21. I would go and book an Europe vacation for my family. It’s something we have been wanting to do for a long time but no budget….

  22. Without a single hesitation, I will go and buy a brand new oven and electric mixer and then I can start to bake the yummiest cakes and cookies and pies…. (I’m starting to drool already!)

  23. I would buy the best entertainment system available which will allow me to watch movies at home as if it’s in the theatre. (watching movies in theatres is something which I have not been able to do since I became a dad)

  24. I would buy early christmas presents for everyone!!

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  26. Lim Siong Huat

    I will used it to buy a new MacBook Pro Retina display so that I can develop more apps at a faster speed. And the EpiCentre Vouchers will comes handy during the purchase. 🙂

  27. I would secretly use this to buy a new handphone for my wife..what a surprise!!

  28. To pay my school fees,now i got more time to earn =)

  29. I’d use OCBC Cashflo to buy a tour package to Japan! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to see all the historical sites & temples, eat real Japanese food and visit all the popular tourist attractions like the Tokyo Disneyland and the Tsukiji Fish Market! 😛

  30. wang yongchang

    Hmmm…If I had a chance, I would like to buy a BED from IKEA. It’s for my mum as she always nagged that she does not sleep well! A good bed would costly dearly so with OCBC cashflo, I could be cope it better! HAHA

  31. Peter Darmawan

    I would go on a shopping spree at LV and also buy the new iPhone 5 with OCBC Cashflo!

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