New York Skin Solutions offers personalised treatments for your skin.

[Promotion] Review: Collagen Treatment At New York Skin Solutions (Sponsored)

New York Skin Solutions offers personalised treatments for your skin.
New York Skin Solutions offers personalised treatments for your skin

Are you one to skip on your monthly facial appointments? Well, I am. As someone in her early twenties, I believed I had youth on my side, backed up with my army of raved-about skincare products. Besides my random breakouts, all I had a problem with were oily T-zones, blackheads and some scarring from my itchy hands. It was not until a one-on-one skin diagnosis at New York Skin Solutions did I realise I had an underlying problem – lack of collagen.

My one-on-one skin consultation revealed that I had some problems with healing a scarred tissue and oil production.
My one on one skin consultation revealed that I had some problems with healing a scarred tissue and oil production

“You’re still young! What are you talking about?”, is what you might say to me. I did a little bit of research following my horrifying skin analysis, showing how my skin was heading towards pre-mature aging due to my declining collagen. While collagen is still happily keeping the early 20s’ faces nice and firm, it will start to decline at the age of 25 – me! There’s the solution of taking those collagen drinks and all, but I am unsure of their efficacy. Plus, sadly, they are not helping to mend my relationship with the weighing scale.

That’s where New York Skin Solutions came in with an offer to help my skin look its age. With a sponsorship of 10 sessions, they embarked on a mission to restore the collagen in my face.

Customized Treatment – Collagen

Essentially, they are offering a treatment, rather than a monthly maintenance I was used to (which I barely adhered to anyway). I am to return every week to the Ngee Ann City branch (Level 5) where my consultant Elise, will be doing a 6-step customized treatment programme, in addition to a personalised skincare regime (Serum, Moisturizer, Eye Gel and UV Cream).

Here is a walkthrough of the treatment.
1. Cleansing

As usual, make-up and debri has to be rid of before the treatment starts. At New York Skin solutions, they use a Chamomile Milk Cleanser for Make-Up and a gel-type for the face. Both are gentle to the face, without my skin feeling taut.

2. Oxygen Mask

It follows with an oxygen treatment. A mask is placed on my face, followed by blasts of oxygen. This is a pre-extraction step, softening the skin to open up my pores.

3. Extraction, with Brow Shaping

This step is where Elise rids me of all the annoying pimples and blackheads clogging my skin. They are mostly around my nose area (oily T-zone) with some on my under chin. There is obvious redness within the first couple of hours, but it pretty much soothes by the end of the day.

The complete healing is dependent on how serious it was. One thing to note is that I avoid using pimple cream, as it would dry up the skin around the area.

4. Collagen Treatment, with Facial Point and Shoulder Massage

Here comes the main treatment – the Collagen Gel and Ultrasound Machine. After applying the gel onto my face with a brush, she process to stimulate the gel into the dermis layer of the skin using Ultrasound Waves. Done using two metallic apparatus (small and wide surface area), it feels like a cool massage on the skin. It is rather soothing!

5. Double Mask; Honey Mask and Hard Mask

A layer of soothing cream is applied to protect against skin sensitivity, before layering a hydrating Honey Mask onto the face. A Hard Mask to decrease pores and lock in the hydration from the Honey Mask is layered on right after a.k.a. the hard mask was personalised for my particular use.

NOTE: this is a good time to relax and catch a nice nap. The Hard Mask does harden into a solid layer, covering the eyes and making your face completely frozen.

6. Skincare

It all ends with Elise reapplying the skincare products on my face in gentle strokes, like a quick facial massage.

The Journey So Far

My forehead looks a little more youthful following the first collagen treatment.
My forehead looks a little more youthful following the first collagen treatment

In one session, it is obvious to say that the slight wrinkles I had on my forehead softened in just one treatment. The skin analysis of my skin after the treatment look significantly more like the ones on the back on my forearm (healthier, less exposed area).

I also had some scarring on my nose because I love, I love to pop my pimples and squeeze those blackheads. Something many had advised me against, but sometimes I just do it. Regardless, the dried patch of scar tissue showed little signs of healing. Hearing that, Elise looked through my list of current skincare products and advise me against one that may be impeding the healing process. I listened to her advice, skipping that one product (while still sticking to my old routine a.k.a. none of their products) and it slowly healed back by the fifth day.

Now, I am into my fifth weekly session. I had to battle some breakouts thanks to my monthly hormonal bursts (the dreaded period) and an impromptu trip to a blazing hot Koh Samui (major UV attack), but Elise has been working hard to remedy the damage. Other than some healing “scabs”, my skin looks and feel pretty good. I mean, it has to be, considering I have been unabashedly walking around town with my bare face.

There will be a follow-up post as the treatment concludes.

Exclusive Promotion

Of course, I am not that selfish! From now onwards, first time New York Skin Solutions customers can get 1 complimentary signature facial therapy (worth S$300) by registering here!

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the insightful review. I must say I really do enjoy the collagen gel and ultrasound treatment. The cool feeling is super shiok and my skin always feels light.

    However, I’ve only been going for wrinke treatments the past two months and not sure if I want to extend my package. I was talking another lady undergoing the treatment and her wrinkles do appear to have gone finer.

    Did you write the concluding follow-up post? How has your experience been? Do provide me the link cos I can’t find it on Google 🙂

    • Jessica Chan

      Hi Pooja,

      Here is the follow-up post:

      I did felt, with frequent visits, that my skin condition improved. The fatigue that was once obvious on my face was absent, there was a natural glow and my make-up was easier to apply and looked amazing (just BB cream and translucent loose powder). One thing to note, the follow-ups after the treatment is important as well. There is no die-hard rule to use their creams and serums to maintain, but make sure to keep your skin moisturise, well-protected from the sun as well as keeping your body healthy with loads of water, some exercise and ample sleep!

      Simply: The facials gave a new base-point (restart) for my skin, and I could get away with doing just the bare minimum to maintain it.

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