SingTel Grid Girls 2012 - Top 8

SingTel Grid Girls 2012 – The Top Eight


SingTel Grid Girls 2012 - Top 8

2 August 2012, Singapore – This year’s top eight SingTel Grid Girls in the age range of 18 to 23 were presented at a press conference this afternoon.  The search for local faces at SingTel’s F1 roadshows held across Singapore previously saw many contenders participating.  This year only eight, instead of 12 girls in the previous years, were picked from a pool of 55 SingTel Grid Girls.  These eight girls vie for the top three spots who would be given the important role of holding the Singapore Formula One and Singapore GP flags at the race in September.




SingTel Grid Girls 2012 - From L - R - Emily Chia, Arrian North, Esther Leong and Priscilla Lee
Left to Right Emily Chia Arrian North Esther Leong and Priscilla Lee

GG1 – Priscilla Lee – 22 year old student (170 cm tall) at SIM Management used to model, swims often and loves to travel.   She hopes to be a flight attendant one day.   She loves the atmosphere, the crowd and the adrenaline at the F1 track.


GG2 – Esther Leong – 23 year old recent graduate (164cm tall) who has started work as a Marketing Executive  also does part time modeling.  She likes travelling especially to her favourite countries Seoul and Taiwan.  Esther is an active girl and enjoys outdoor activities such as para-sailing, water rafting and ride ATVs.  She adores Sebastian Vettel.


GG3 – Arrian North – 18 year old model (169cm) who is also the youngest of the eight likes trying new things and would like to catch the F1 race for the experience one day.  Her mum is of Arabic origin while her dad is Australian New Zealander.  Recently completed her IB, she volunteers as a motivational speaker to secondary kids who are not interested in studying.  Her hobbies include modelling, exercising, rollerblading and yoga.  She has never watched the race and this year will be very exciting for her.


GG4 – Emily Chia – 21 year old Bank Teller loves fast cars and used to buy tickets to the grand prix but feels she has never been close enough to the heart of where the action happens.   A part time model, Emily enjoys making friends and golfing with her dad.  She has two sisters and her F1 idol is Lewis Hamilton who shares the same birthday as her.


SingTel Grid Girls 2012 - From L - R - Ashvin Sandhu, Rebecca Ly Dia Dore, Victoria Yeo, Mabel Lim
L to R Ashvin Sandhu Rebecca Ly Dia Dore Victoria Yeo Mabel Lim

GG5 – Mabel Lim – 22 year old Model (169cm) who previously participated in Best Model of the World in 2011, is interested in making new friends, modelling, events and photo-shoots.  She has an outgoing personality as well as a cheerful and positive attitude in the outlook of life.  She studied a diploma in Business Administration in SSTC and hopes to be a make-up artist which she recently enrolled in.


GG6 – Victoria Yeo – 22 year old International Business student (166cm) is into fast cars especially Ferrari.  She plays the piano and loves to travel and her favourite country is Japan.


GG7 – Rebecca Ly Dia Diore – 19 year old Fine Arts student (167cm) in La Salle  is on the look out for opportunities to create new experiences for herself. Her Dad is English and Mum is Chinese.  She can present herself well and with poise which she feels is a bonus for winning the race to be top 3.  She loves her friends, rollerblading and yoga.


GG8 – Ashvin Sandhu – 21 year old Accountancy student (164cm) at SMU has extensive knowledge of the F1 being at the race in 2009 and 2010.  She adores Lewis Hamilton and hopes to meet him in person.  She never misses a single F1 race.


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SingTel Grid Girl 2012 Uniforms - Designer Roslinda Abdul Rahman & Esther Tay CEO of ESTA Pte Ltd
L to R Esther Tay CEO of ESTA Pte Ltd Designer Roslinda Abdul Rahman

This year’s striking outfits were designed by local design talent, 26 year old Roslinda Abdul Rahman who won The Project Racetrack, an F1 fashion design competition that was integrated with 74-hour long fashion design training course conducted by the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre and Singapore WSQ Develop Design Collection.

Roslinda’s design concept evokes a sense of youthful energy and feminine glamour, inspired by the stylish functional wear on female tennis players.  She used a lightweight and water-resistant fabric so that the uniforms are stylish yet comfortable on the race tracks.   The uniforms are sponsored by local fashion design house ESTA PTE LTD.




You can vote for the top three and show your support for your favourite Grid Girl as the results will be based purely on online and SMS voting.

  • Online:
  • SMS: Type in [grid girl code number <space> Name <space> NRIC] and send to +691136891

You stand to win a pair of Singapore Grand Prix Pit Grandstand Tickets worth S$1,488 or 10 consolation prizes of Singapore Grand Prix Goodie bags merchandise worth S$150.



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