Circles.Life VS Singtel, StarHub & M1 SIM Only Plans

Circles.Life VS Singtel, StarHub & M1 SIM Only Plans

Circles.Life VS Singtel, StarHub & M1 SIM Only Plans
Circles.Life VS Singtel, StarHub & M1 SIM Only Plans

A new telco, Circles.Life has just been introduced in Singapore to spice up the competition with the BIG THREE – Singtel, StarHub and M1. Circles.Life only has one type of mobile plan for its subscribers, which is very similar to the SIM Only contract-free plans offered by the other three telcos. The differentiating selling point for Circles.Life’s plan is the flexibility of customising your mobile plan to suit your needs for the month. (Sign up with the referral code SHIOK and get S$20 off your Circles.Life registration.)


[Update 8 March 2017 : Circles.Life offers additional 20GB for S$20 per month]

To help you understand and choose the best plan for your needs, here are the comparisons for the different price plans offered by the four telcos.


Price Comparison

Scenario One: General Mobile Data & Call

Based on 5GB monthly data, 200 minutes of talktime and 100 SMS for monthly plan with 2GB of excess data charges. Here’s the comparison table:


General Mobile Data and Call
General Mobile Data and Call

As a new player in the field, Circles.Life manages to propose a competitive price plan to go head on with Singtel, M1 and StarHub. But without the free incoming call perks, it will not be attractive for consumers who require more talktime.

But with free unlimited calls & chats data on Whatsapp, it may encourage its subscribers to rely this messenger app as the new primary communication channel and compensate for no free incoming call talktime.


Scenario Two: Data Only

Based on 12GB monthly data with 2GB excess data charges. Here’s how the four telcos compare:

  12GB Data 2GB Excess Data TOTAL
(SIM Only Plan)
3GB + 10GB (S$20 + (10 x S$5.35) S$10.70 (1GB) S$84.20
(4G 12 Plan)
12GB (S$110) 2 x S$10.70 (1GB) S$131.40
(MySIM+ 75 Plan)
13GB S$75 S$10.70 (1GB) S$85.70
CIRCLES.LIFE 3GB + 9GB (S$28 + (9 x S$6) 4  x S$3.50 (500MB) S$96

For data hungry consumers, Circles.Life offers the cheapest rate for excess data charges at S$7/GB. But if you are in control and have a constant track record for your monthly mobile data usage, Singtel’s SIM Only plan seems to be the best choice.



This is only the beginning of the telco price war and Circles.Life has just launched to consumers in Singapore. Hopefully there will be some changes or more promos down the pipeline. Whatever it is, with a new telco in town, it will only benefit us consumers, as telcos will now try their best to win the hearts of the consumers with better services and cheaper deals. Don’t forget to enter our referral code SHIOK when signing up.

Keeping my fingers crossed… Hoping Singtel, M1 and StarHub will soon stop charging for Caller ID Display service for post paid subscribers.


  1. After termination notification with Circles.Life and a STOP request to port my number to Circles.Life, this telco still adopt a wilful stance by porting my number.
    Such unethical practice… I will highlight this unauthorized act to IDA Singapore.
    Circles.Life should not even qualify to be the telco in Singapore.
    PS: I will not bow down to unethical practice from Circles.Life

  2. Been using circle life for a month and so far it has been comparable with the other telcos. More data at a cheaper price. Why not right?

    Few things to note though:

    1st, there is no free sms and incoming call services. For unlimited incoming call, there is a charge of $2.

    2nd, your first month bill will be inclusive of your registration fee -$18 (Total registration fee – $38, use my referral code to get $20 off) + pro-rated subscription fee from the day your service start till end of the month + your next month bill. Meaning that you gonna be like paying for a bomb on the first month, don’t worry, it’s the first month only.

    3rd, you will only get your 6GB data when you port over your old number to circle life. If you don’t port over, and sign up a new line with them, you only get 4GB. Of the 6GB data, only 5GB will stay with you forever. The 1GB will expire 6 months later.

    4th, there is a one time registration fee of $38.

    That’s about all I could conclude now, use my referral code 6ELRW to get $20 off your registration fee! 🙂

  3. I can’t find anything cheaper in circle life plan. There is m1 much much cheaper. M1 my sim 20+ can add data 2gb for just $5.35 also can add talk time $5 for 200 minutes $10 for 800 minutes $15 for unlimited. Free call to 3 m1 number. Than last if you add all = unlimited talk time + 6gb + 500sms+ free call to 3 m1 number all this for $45+ only.

    Circular life add data $6 per gb. Every 100 minutes $4 max 600 minutes every 100 sms $4 if you = 600minutes + 6gb + 500sms = around $85+ now its your choice to what you go for

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  5. If it is down to dollars and cents, I would factor in the registeration cost as well. All other telcos would need to purchase a SIM card @ around $37. While Circles.Life would offer only $4 registration.

    Perhaps we should compare apple-to-apple by not factoring in contract-plans. The table shows M1 6gb @$30, but that’s tied to 12-month contract. I would take the 1-month contract plan M1 for better comparison instead.

    Nevertheless, nice table you have there. =)

  6. Anonymous

    I still felt down to the buttom line, a free incoming call is needed nonetheless whatsapp usage under is offering unlimitied usage. Beside having 100 mins free of talk time.
    I do hope 200 should be the minimum set up under the price plan. No doubt with the current price plan from is attractive. If can make more out of it. I believe more user will flock old telco to Just my 2 cents thinking… 🙂

  7. The Comparisor

    You forget to add that M1 has 3 free unlimited outgoing calls to M1 numbers for their plan, which is a strong selling point, making them the cheapest option among the telcos for the plan you had listed. Or the fact that whatsapp data for customer is unlimited. Very important.

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