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YELP Mobile App
YELP Mobile App

18 September 2012, Singapore – Community review site from the USA debuts in Asia with the introduction of the site in Singapore after receiving over 30 million reviews across its sites globally.   Singapore is the 18th country with a Yelp site after US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland..

To date, Yelp receives over 78 Million monthly visitors on its other country sites with majority of reviews in the Shopping and Restaurant categories.  More than 80% of the reviews are positive reviews with 38% getting 5 star reviews.

Create an account on and you can share your opinion about local businesses and services as well as read other reviews.  Yelp is like a lifestyle blog with lots of restaurant and shopping reviews as well as reviews of services here in Singapore.     Approximately 40% of all searches on Yelp come from mobile apps on iPhone and Android.

Yelp Singapore Badge
Yelp Singapore Badge

A Yelp Singapore Badge has also been created for reviewers here in Singapore.

The Yelp Community here in Singapore will be managed by a community manager who is also expected to handle the marketing.  The Yelp Site in Singapore does not have any advertising.  In fact, only the US, Canada and UK monetizes by offering advertising options to its clients.

Business owners can also access Yelp for Business Owners at

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